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living in New Brighton

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I lived in New Brighton for many years,before retiring and moving away.I remember New Brighton towards the end of its hey day, when every Bank Holiday brought, so many people that it was almost impossible to walk down Victoria Road so great were the crowds. \\\That of course was before the ferry left New Brighton, after which the area seemed to die a slow death. I remember the swimming bath being destroyed in a fierce storm,also it was the venue for the "Miss New Brighton" beauty contest. Does anyone remember the time when the "Tall Ships Race" left from Liverpool, and New Brighton Promenade was lined with people watching the amazing sight of the ships proudly sailing up the Mersey with the royal Yacht.

living in New Brighton

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force Merlin

I live in New Brighton still, I remember the pier being demolished,because it was "unsafe". Would you believe that it was so "unsafe" gas axes could not cut through it!!!!. Explosives were used to demolish the legs a=t least.
I thought then and still think it was a policital decesion to deprive New Brighton of it's lifeline.
The baths, what memories they hold again wer condemned by the council to make room for their "Great Plans" to turn New Brighton into a ghost town and erect yet more supermarkets

living in New Brighton

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi force Merlin,

Welcome to h2g2. I have left you a message in your Personal Space, hopefully it will help you find your way about out site smiley - ok

I used to live in New Brighton, only for about nine months. My parents held the license of the Royal Ferry, later to become The Chelsea Reach. While there, we experienced the highest Spring tide, which even flooded the pub next door in Victoria Road, for the first time! smiley - yikes

Perhaps you would like to update this Entry. I'm sure there is far more that can be written about the area smiley - biggrin

Hope to see you around,

lil xx

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