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Thanks for the Memory

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Your good, if sad, Entry brought back fond memories of my misspent youth. I remember as a kid getting all excited at the thought of catching the Ferry from the Pier Head over to New Brighton for a “day out”.

And it really was a good family day out. Candy Floss. Fairground rides. Fresh air. Swimming. And the dash back down the landing stage to catch the last Ferry back across the Mersey at the end of the day.

As I grew older, mischief took over – we used to catch the Ferry to New Brighton without our parents, then hide in the toilets as it docked at the other side, wait until the ferry filled up again, and return across the Mersey without paying.

I think the real reason for the downturn in New Brighton’s fortunes was the lessened frequency of the Ferry – or maybe they just lost too much money with all us kids stealing a ride. Or perhaps it was because Liverpool took such an economic downturn.

I haven’t been back to New Brighton for years. But I think I might take some younger members of the family over there next time I’m home. Thanks for the memory. smiley - bigeyes

PS Wasn’t New Brighton used as a location for the TV comedy series “Watching”?

Thanks for the Memory

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Hey Eeyore!

I still live in New Brighton....kind of...well, I live in Canterbury, but my parents are still back in Wallasey smiley - winkeye

A lot's changed in the past few years. I can remember as a kid that there was still loads to do down on the prom... Now it's like morecambe - all old and faded and yearning for old glory.

But I still love the place - it's my home town, after all smiley - smiley

Thanks for the Memory

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Thanks for the nice message, Possum.

Now, get on with that essay! smiley - bigeyes

Thanks for the Memory

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Not you too - I'm being pestered from all sides to do my work! smiley - winkeye

Thanks for the Memory

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Phill -E-

Close! Watching was made in Hoylake/WestKirby on the other side of the Wirral (the posh side)

Thanks for the Memory

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To extend "thanks for the Memory", the film "The Magnet" was made in New Brighton, not sure of the date but believe it was in the early '50s

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