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Inflation Theory

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Light speed, Permeability and Permittivity of a free space vacuum on Earth, are related by: light speed = (mu*epsilon)^-1/2, meters/second. But has anybody bothered to confirm that free space Permittivity remains the constant value that we assume, far away from massive objects such as the earth? If free space permittivity were to change with changing proximity to mass, then a known capacitance value would also change? Although not by much or else communication by radio between ground and orbiting craft would be problematic?

Inflation Theory

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See S.E.C. theory, for an explanation of the Pioneer anomaly!

Inflation Theory

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For more views on the "Scale Expanding Cosmos" please see, ://blog.hasslberger.com/2006/07/scale_expanding_cosmos. Rather than distances expanding as time progresses, due to the big bang momentum, the SEC theory links them together, spatial energy changes with opposite polarity time energy? If vacuum energy consists of two opposite polarity types, what invisible medium do they both act on, also does the medium have a neutral charge( positive, negative & neutral energy )?

Inflation Theory- Search Origins Vedas

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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Sub: Serach origins Vedas
Cosmic Pot Energy of the Universe- STSCI-astrophysical Laboratory Symposium-May 5-6,2003 -
author Vidyardhi Nanduri

Spherical Waves help in this mode . Support East West Intraction
17 Books -1993-2013 are available with Projections .Seach Cosmology Vedas Interlinks

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