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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Posted Jul 24, 2004 by Vidyardhi Nanduri
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The subject of Cosmic Plasma Universe attracts Scientists, Philosophers and all mankind. The Science of philosophy-a borderland for cosmology helps to unravel the mysterious nature, process and formations observed as cosmic structures in the Universe.
The dynamic phenomena of cosmic Plasma Universe, i.e. the effect of Plasma on dark matter need to be oriented with a new vision. The Universe is a sea of Plasma with charged particles, flows, high magnitude currents and intense Electro – magnetic fields that form a reflecting universe towards sources, flows, fields and interactions. This vision provided by data from Hubble Telescope, Explorers, Satellites and many probing missions should extend the vision from solar-galactic/ inter-galactic regions to the borders of laser distances covering 10^16LY. The core concept of cosmic source, cosmic flows and regulated cosmic fields need to be segregated from the near-environment observations of Laboratory Plasmas and Galactic Plasmas. Additionally wide field-universe data on matter-antimatter concepts should help neutral observation of the functions of (1) sources leading to cosmic source, (2) fields and reflections leading to cosmic fields, and (3) flows that make dynamic Universe vibrating towards core cosmic-plasma Universe. A three-tier approach becomes evident and one needs to add the dimensional aspects in comprehension and modeling.
The phenomenal observations by the author transcend the borders of some of the scientific fields: plasma science, laboratory to vacuum plasmas, electro-magnetic fields beyond gravity and interactions of human being as observer with vision towards astrophysics, i.e. Beyond galaxy to plasma universe. The probing mind needs to extend the vision beyond the known fields towards cosmic + Plasma Universe under electromagnetic, radiating and cosmic fields. New methods of processing like Double magnetic Vortex help cosmic-structure formations and distributions of galaxies, clusters and super clusters with direction for search towards cosmic sources, cosmic flows and comprehension of regulated electromagnetic field environment. The vision of scientific approach helps to solve the mysterious nature of cosmic plasma universe both for scientists and philosophers with knowledge expansion in dimensions, eg, entire-solar-plasma region needs to be looked upon as one-dimension. Thus science need to progress with dimensional vision and clear direction.

THE subject is covered further in detail inPLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993 (Reg No: TXU 729718 ) (No# Pages-95, Figures 58)
THE VISION OF COSMIC TO *PREM UNIVERSE-1995 (Reg No: TXU 893693 ) *PREM: Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic Universe (No# Pages 148, Figures 56)
VEDIC VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1996(Reg No:TXU729719)(No# Pages 137, Figures 35)
VEDIC VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-II, 1997(Reg No: TXU 893691)(No# Pages 122, Figures 16). It is Based on Vedas,Upanishads and Scientific relevance to Cosmology
VEDIC VISION OF THE UNIVERSE- Part 3, 1997 (No# Pages 150). Background information on Vedas, Puranas articles on Cosmology
THE SCIENTIFIC ESSENCE OF COSMIC PHILOSOPHY-1999 (Reg No: TXU 982-556 ) (No# Pages 88, Figures 39) It is based on the science of philosophy and the philosophy of science and integration.
OM COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS TO COSMOLOGY REVISION-2000(Reg No: TXU 982-559) (No# Pages 94, Figures 16)
FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE (1996) Background Research Papers: NEWTON to PRESENT DAY (No# Pages 175)(Being updated)
UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY (Revised Feb. 2002) (Reg No: TX 5-574-909) (No# Pages 100, Figures 17). It includes questions on the cosmos.

Research Papers on COSMOS: Research 2003(V Nanduri) : http://www.ociw.edu/ociw/symposia/series/symposium3/proceedings.html
Research Paper on THE UNIVERSE : http://sd.stsci.edu/astrophysical_laboratory/proceedings.html.


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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Space Cosmology Vedas interlinks help in time.
Author: Vidyardhi Nanduri -17 books on Cosmology-origins-Vedas Studies
1. NANDI introduces new concepts for flow-fields integration by Vidyardhi Nanduri
2. Super-imposition of Visible -Invisile matrix mode over space based observations by Vidyardhi Nanduri
Planetary Systems of our Sun and other stars and the Future of Astronomy,Bangkok, Thailand, 11-15 Nov 2013

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