A Conversation for Theories on the Existence and Origin of the Universe


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if there was a big bang then what is it banging on at the end to return the echo


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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

"big bang" was the name given to the theory by Fred Hoyle, who was an opponent of the theory. There wasn't really a 'bang' of the kind we would relate to today.


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What if humans, or other higher intelligences within our own universe went back in time sometime in the future, and created the universe in which we ourselves inhabit. In practice, we are our own god, or the creatures within our universe are our God. This explains the origin of the universe, and the perfection of it. Specifically designed in a 'laboratory,' the only problem is, where would we get the energy from?


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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

Yes, that's another possibility. There's plenty of energy in the universe; we'd just need to harbour it: we could get a lot from the planet, and more from the sun, and then there's antimatter...

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