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I just want to tell you guys that I'm from Sweden !
I'm living in Sundsvall, a mediumsized swedish town on the eastern coast.
So, please post here if you are from Sweden !

Tack och hej, leverpastej !

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Lost in Scotland

Hej, hallå, dagboken..(För att fortsätta med Bert-citaten)

Also from Sweden, although currently residing in Scotland. Not sure when/if I'll be moving back.
I'm from a small village just south of Kalmar (I provided the entry on Kalmar in this article) called Torsås (Thor's crest if you translate it properly, or Thor Sauce if you don't).

For other Swedes or Swedish things, check out the page of Irving Neon (The Duke of Dunstable). Don't have the URL for it but do a simple search, and you'll find him.

Have fun, and most importantly: DON'T PANIC!!!!

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Researcher 195113

Another swede here. For the moment I sit, totally concerned with writing, in my mountainclimbing practice version of boyish room located in Gothenburg.

How the *beep* do I get a nick instead of that personal insult of a resercher number?

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Wiz Wiz

Get a nick via your 'Preferences' page smiley - smiley

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Snuttis 2*(1+1+7)+3*8=42

i'm from sweden too, from Gotland, an island right out in the baltic sea. It's no cold here. No snow at all.

And, by the way: Jag hatar bert. Har jag gjort sen jag var sju år.

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I´m swedish to, from kalmar, we have just "melted out" after a cold period with about -20 degrees celsius.

And by the way: Öland is nothing compered to gotland, I find some Ölänningar a bit hostile...

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Ta det lugnt
(för att citera en vida bättre bok än den gräsliga boken (ursäkta följande svordom) Bert

Yet an other swede
wow, we're really crowding this place, aren't we? *looks around in the almost empty room*
Well.. Anyway.. Uhm.. Nah, nothing ^^
I live in that little plate-shaped part somewhere in the middle of sweden, near our oh so beloved city called Örebro.I've been to most of the places around where you other guys come from, so I know wich ones I like the most. (and it's not here I'm afraid)

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Hi everyone!
I´m a 22 years old spanish student and I´d like to know more about sweden.My e-mail is [email protected]


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As an Englishman living in Sweden, it is interesting to see how all you Swedes interact on this site. I love Öland, haven't been to Gotland yet, (but want to spend midsommarsafton in Visby one day), have heard that folk from Örebro have an angry dialect and Kalmar is effectively Danish. It is quite nice to see the rivalry between the different areas of Sweden, something that is also prevalent in the UK too. I find it funny that all these people with such a similar history , find each other so loathsome or inferior. The truth be known, all the people I have met here in Sweden, with ony a few exceptions, have been wonderful, regardless of their geographical location.

For my part, I have lived in Kallhäll, a suburb of northern Stockholm, for just over 4 years.

Heja Djurgården!

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Hi, I'm English and currently live in Sweden.

I've only been here for a few months and know little Swedish.
I live in Rydöbruk, Hylte, Hallands Lans.

I have no problem with the accented letters as my keyboard is Swedish.
But I do have problems locating some of the other characters!

Southern Sweden (Skåne and parts of Småland) were once Danish, so that probably explains the accent.

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Wow - I'm sorry I missed all these conversations! Is anyone still around?

smiley - towel

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