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'And the Prince of Slaves1 rode his white horse into the city2on that tuesday, the day the world ended - October 23rd 999'


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'The drop is in the Ocean but the Ocean is in the drop'

[ Jalal-ad-Din Rumi (Mevlana) : 1206-1273 ]



After the 'End Of The World' Review

A whole millennium has flown by since the end of the world. I would welcome any comments, thoughts, views, beliefs, values, experiences of this period. Were you there?, Do you remember it? Was it good for you? Were you happy?, satisfied?, sober?, asleep?, dreaming?, elated?, in Grimsby?3


Numerology564036 to 42

42 = 56 - 4 - 0! - 3 - 6

42 = 5 x 6 + 4 - 0! + 3 + 6

42 = (56 - 40) x 3 - 6

42 is a solution of the equation: 7x3 + 25x2 + 31x + 18 = 564036. The other solutions are: -22.7857+37.4064i, 22.7857+37.4064i, where i is the √-1.


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StoryMirandas Night Out

It was a warm summers evening - June 2025. I remember it as if it was only tomorrow. My grandaughter Miranda came along to the study room. "Grandpa, can I take the Time Machine tonight?". "Yes of course", I replied, "But don't forget to bring it back before you go!".


MetadoxWhat you Fancy

A little of what you fancy does you good. But too much ruins your teeth, lungs, kidneys, friendship, sleep, marriage or some other part of your psyche/anatomy/social life.



1 In Turkic languages: 'Kul_Tegin'.

2 The city is Bukhara.

3 A very nice place. Wonderful 'Fish and Chips' and birthplace of G.Spencer Brown one of the great internationally known Lincolnshire mathematical innovators (inc. Isaac Newton and George Boole).


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