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I have slugs getting into my house. They're in the living room of all places, leaving big slimy trails on the carpet. I think they must be gettin in through a vent since they seem to stay in one place all the time. I'm pretty reluctant to go around leaving salt or beer out for them (mostly for the eeuuww factor in the morning) but i might try some garlic paste or copper wire on the vent to se if that works. Any other suggestions would be good though!


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I've never had any slugs in the house before. Your best bet is to find where they are coming in - next time it rains they will all come out in the early evening so you might need to sit and watch the outside of your house to see if it is the airbrick or something.

I definitely don't recommend using salt or beer in the house. Buy a cheap pair of bbq tongs, pop them in a bucket and sling them back outside.


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I know, it's quite distressing, most people know how to deal with them outside but inside is a whole other ball game! We think we've identified a gap where they might be getting in so we're planning on gettin out the polyfilla! failing that we shouldn't have to wait too long for rain in Ireland! smiley - smiley


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Do you have an open fire? we used to get slugs that came in on the logs and came out at night, only to return to the log basket by day!


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We had the same problem in the kichen and polyfiller was the answer. It's worth waiting till late at night and catching them in the act, they slither back to where they got in to escape, and you just send some polyfiller down the gap to greet them. Salts a big no no. because you only get fizzed slug and no way of knowing how he got in. And there is never just one slug!

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