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Crushed egg shells

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I noticed in the gardening section of a Saturday newspaper recently, that one can buy crushed smiley - friedegg shells from Harrods smiley - weird.

Wonder how Harrods obtain them smiley - erm. Do people save up all their breakfast smiley - friedegg shells until they have a decent sackful, then sell 'em to Harrods smiley - erm

Crushed egg shells

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I wouldn't like to think where they come from!

Crushed egg shells

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Catering organisations can buy 'liquid eggs' from suppliers. These are eggs sold by volume without shells so the supplier removes the shells and packs the eggs in tubs. Cake and biscuit manufacturers use huge quantities of eggs either ready shelled or they shell them, either way large quantities of shells are available.

We keep our own until we have a tray full and pop them in the oven when we are roasting say potatoes to sterilize them.

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