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Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK

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Better known by the name of the river that runs through its centre, Hull is a city in East Yorkshire, UK, on the northern bank of the River Humber with a population of around 300,000.

Long Erections

In the 1970s, the local council, with central government backing, began to construct what was at the time the world's longest single-span suspension bridge, spanning the River Humber and connecting Hull with the southern-bank towns of Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

Unfortunately for them, and the bane of the relatively spectacular construction ever since, is that world-first construction projects tend to over-run their deadlines and budgets. As such, the tolls, now in excess of £2, completely fail to cover the interest payments on the debt, never mind reducing the burden of the debt itself. And because the tolls are widely regarded as excessive, only the richest and most naive locals use the bridge at all. Instead, tourists provide what little revenue the bridge enjoys.

Up-and-Coming Hull

With the proposed direct rail service to London King's Cross station seven times a day, Hull will be placed 'on the map' of national commuter-type 'affluent-esque' residential districts. In the year 2000 £45,000 will purchase the canny buyer a two-bed luxury apartment with a view of the Humber Bridge, and £1.10 will buy a pint of Sam Smith's best bitter at pubs such as Nellie's1 in Beverley, an historic market town to the north of the city.

Victoria Dock is the city's answer to London's Docklands development, and is bustling with solicitors, accountants and consultants. Sweeping views of the river make this location one of growth and spiralling property values.


Bars and Clubs

Establishments such as Rhythm Room, LA's, Waterfront, Tower, Earl De Grey, Blue Bell, Ye Olde Corn Exchange, The Mint, and others provide a bustling night-life locals can be proud of.


The Wilberforce Museum contains information about the life and important work of William Wilberforce. The museum was once his home and inside you can find out about the man responsible for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.

The Whaling Museum is a memorial to Hull's once great whaling trade. In the days of Hull's bustling port and dock life, whaling was a busy industry. When killing whales was abolished this museum was set up in remembrance of former times.


Hull's two main cinemas are UCI and Odeon. These are both major cinema companies and you could find one of these in virtually every city in Britain, so there is nothing special here.

The Odeon has a pre-book seat option. With UCI you may have to queue to get your tickets.


Hull's Shopping Centre is called Princes Quay, a largish shopping Mall that attracts many a happy shopper. Good for clothes-loving females and teenagers, but not much to offer the male - and perhaps slightly less fashion-conscious - members of the community.


Another good place to go is the Hull Ice Arena. Not many cities in Yorkshire have an ice rink, and this Ice Arena is also a host for pop concerts and shows. It's Hull's answer to The National Birmingham Indoor Arena in the West Midlands, England.

One of the regular events in the Hull calendar is the Hull Fair. This massive fair lasts for about a week. It is a collection of all the fairground rides from small fairs around the UK. It's a massive event with many daredevil rides, and more gentle rides for the fainthearted. With wonderfully cheap fares and an exciting atmosphere, the Hull Fair is an excellent event that can be enjoyed by everyone.

1The pub is actually called The White Horse, but it was owned and run by three eccentric sisters, the eldest of whom was Nellie, and everyone has always called the place 'Nellie's' after her. The brewery that bought it after her death was forbidden to change anything, as it is a listed building, so it still has the original gas lighting, and the sign is an old toy rocking horse over the doorway, minus rockers, painted white. Good beer too.

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