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Paranoid Viking

I think what should also be mentioned is the sheer terror that can be experienced as a tuk tuk in speed (when not in a traffic jam) careers around corners and weaving around obstacles, whether human or other vehicles. Most drivers are fatalistic in that they firmly believe that if it's their (or your) time to die, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. So, why drive carefully?

tuk tuks

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Mr X {he who hasn't yet thought of a really cool name}

what's even scarier is driving in a tuk tuk at night... woh they can go quick.... smiley - yikes

what can be worrying is that it's impossible to read the thai alphabet, it's like trying to read chinese or something, a tuk tuk or taxi can be taking you anywhere and you just would'nt know where you are even if you have a map! smiley - online2long

warning - don't accept a tuk tuk ride which seems REALLY cheap, like 15-30 Baht "I give tour" etc... they will take you to a couple of temples where you'll meet some con men who well tell you all about what a good deal the thai gem shops are, BUT won't actually try to sell you anything directly and therefore will just appear on the surface to be a friendly local with some genuine advice... don't be sucked into this!!! The next stop on your bogus 'tour' will probably be the gem shop and the driver will be very keen for you to just look in there for 5 minutes - he might try and say that he'll get free petrol if you look in there for long enough... smiley - gift

anyway, rant over, tuk tuks can be good but half of them won't want to take you where you want to go, they'll want to stop at shops and markets on the way... taxis are often much better and safer but maybe a little more expensive.

but don't let me put you off, thailand and bangkok is a fun place to be!!

tuk tuks

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Schrödinger's Cat-flap

ALWAYS, i repeat ALWAYS, tie up your hair (if u've got any) before going on a tuk tuk!!!! if you don't, you'll REALLY regret it.
love TPV

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