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Tuk Tuks

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The tuk tuk is a form of transport which can be seen throughout Thailand, but can be found mainly in larger cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It looks like a motorised tricycle with a brightly decorated shed on the back.

Hiring a Tuk Tuk

You can get really good fares if you are persistent enough. Should you encounter more than one tuk tuk driver in one place, you'll find that each driver will vie for your attention, and of course your money. When negotiating a ride, you can use the altercations that often take place between tuk tuk drivers to your advantage. Find a big group of tuk tuk drivers before attempting to negotiate a fare as you're likely to get a much cheaper price.

The Tuk Tuk Ride

If you're riding in one for the sheer love of speed then you may be disappointed. You will find that most of the time is spent stationary, locked in place by the other million or so cars, motorbikes and fellow tuk tuks also trying to navigate the never-ending spiral around the little streets of Bangkok.

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