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Talking about fatal weaknesses, DCs green lantern characters have had some blinders, Alan Scott the original golden age green lantern could do amazing feats with his magic ring, but could not affect wood, so nazi tank= no problemo, small child with a baseball bat =deep s**t. the silver age Green lanterns (Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart who were more sci-fi) lost this rediculous weakness, their rings were only innefective against...the colour yellow. So tank = no problem, tank with a quick paint job = deep s**t. However the current modern age Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) has no such weakness,

Green Lantern

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I always considered the Green Lanterns to be the epitome of responsibility. Imagine one of those rings and a skinful of beer?
Actually, thinking about it didn't DC do that one in the early 80's?
Seriously though they were (are, I suppose, although I know longer buy) one of the great unsung superheroes.

Like Ambush Bug.

Green Lantern

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I liked the idea that Guy Gardner's best fights were all agaist superheros the classic batman one punch,or his fight with Hal Jordon for who remains as green lantan.

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I read (can't remember where) that yellow was chosen by the DC creators as the weakness to the ring since the Green Lanterns were supposed to be selected on the basis of being honest & fearless, and yellow was US slang for cowardice.
I'm not sure that colour wasn't generally employed as a metaphor throughout Green Lantern: blue was supposed to symbolise the goodness & purity of the Guardians, Sinestro's red (and generally demonic look) represented evil. I don't think it's really ever been explored in the comic, although Gerard Jones went into the red/evil/sinestro thing in Green Lantern:Mosaic series a few years back.

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The thing I loved about the Green Lanterns was the almost Jedi-esqueness (?) about them! Yet DC was far too brutal with Hal Jordan towards the end, causing him to go potty, etc. It is also a shame that the fearlessness of Jordan was only truly exploited in flashback stories!! Wow, what I’d do with one of those rings!smiley - run

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Who'd win in a fight? Green Lantern or Quasar? I suppose that we should go with Kyle Radner as our GL, since Quasar's energy is yellow and thus he'd be able to take out Hal, Jon, or Guy. Also, let's take out Alan Scott, cause quite frankly, I think he's a little ridiculous.

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UnfadingAscendant - Above the ashes

Has anyone read the Green Lantern: Rebirth series that has just finished recently. That (kind of) explained that the weakness to all things yellow was caused by fear.
If I've understood it right the The Guardians managed to compress their fears into a personification that they trapped inside the Central Battery and that created the flaw.
Now that The G.Ls know this they know how to overcome the weakness, feel fear, then overcome it (sounds easy smiley - erm)

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