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How can we forget them all? There were, and are, so many! Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Spawn, Black Panther, The Green Arrow, Thor, Daredevil, The Flash, Captain America, Cheetah, Despero, Darkseid, Dr. Strange, Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, The Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, The X-Men (Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, Banshee, Gambit, Beast, Callisto, Professor Xavier, Blob, Marrow, Magneto, Jubilee, Apocalypse, Cable, Sabretooth, Synch, Nightcrawler, Maggot, Bishop, Storm, Rogue, Mondo, Siren, The Juggernaut, Caliban, Angel, Destiny, Black Tom Cassidy, Cannonball, Nathan Christopher, Chamber, Changling, Ceclia Reyes, Leech, Mr. Sinister, Husk, Iceamn, Meggan, Joseph, Pheonix, Psylocke, X-Man, Colossus, Cypher, Domino, Dazzler, Magma, Rusty Collins, Emplate, Exodus, The Goblin Queen, Feral, Forge, Gamesmaster, Gateway, Gideon, Havok, N'astrih, Shenobi Shaw, Thunderbird, Skin, Holocaust, Karma, M, Legion, Artie Maddicks, Magik, Sauran, Mastermind, Moonstar, Omega Red, Onslaught, Wolfsbane, Penanace, Proteus, Quicksilver, Pyro, Mikhail Rasputin, Rictor, Shard, Sebastian Shaw, Magnus, Shadow Cat, Wildchild, Skids, Stryfe, Sugarman, Sunspot, Meltdown, Sunfire, Toad, Vanisher, The White Queen, Madelyne Pryor, Warpath, Mystique, Pete Wisdom, Zaladane, Strong Guy), The X-Force (Meltdown, Siryn, Sunspot, Moonstar, Warpath), X Factor (Shard, Multiple Man, Havok, Archer, Fixx, Greystone), The New Warriors (Namoritta, Bolt, Aegis, Turbo, Speedball, Nova), The Legion of Superheroes (Andromeda, Karate Kid, Braniac 5, Paricon, Banin, Leviathan, Apparition, Dawnstar, Quislet,Inferno, Chameleon, Chuck Taine, Kid Quantum, Cosmic Boy, Ferro, Kinetix, Dreamer, Gates, Konk, Radion,Comet Queen, Dawnstar, Tellis, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Magnetic Kid, Live Wire, Dragonmage, Spider Girl, Magno, Kid Quantum, Kathoon, Computo, Insect Queen, Star Boy Shvaughn Erin, Thunder, Chemical King Tenzil Kem, Monstress, Timber Wolf, Slipstream, RJ Brande, Sensor, Proty, M'Onel, Superboy, Super Girl, Triad, Catspaw, Lathan, Wildfire, XS, Sun Boy, Ultra Boy, Umbra, Blok, Polar Boy), Aegis, Cloak, The Falcon, Rage, Prowler, Lady Hawk, Night Thrasher, Wildseed, Sorcrerer, Sabre, Meteor Man, Captain Africa, Chocolate Thunder, Black Thunder, Cleopatra, Serge, Rock, Rapture, ShadowHawk, Savage Steel, Scarlet, Omni, Original Man, Silhouette, The Veil, Transfaser, Cyborg, Mr. Terrific, Shadowman, Perp, Tyger, Black Vulcan, Amazing Man, 4-D, Charcoal, Charmer, Adept, Queen, Strike, Trident, Black Manta, Baron Sunday, Dathlok, ZipZap, Windstorm, Voodoo Child, Dr. Midnight, Impala, Vykin the Black, Maxam, Lore Lord, Living Mummy, Liveworld, Bumblebee, Cascade, Jim Crow, Ragamuff, Northstar, Hector, Shatterstar, Amy Chen, Pied Pipper, Maggie Sawyer, Hero, Starman, Off-Ramp, Frostbite, Commet, IceMaiden, Obsidian, Tasmanian Devil, Blue Jay, Lightning Lass, Violet, Anima, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Rainmaker, Enigma, Fade, Donner, Blitzen, Badger, Spectral, Sub-Mariner, The Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, The Red Skull, Mr. Impssible, Lobo, Robin, Batgirl, Tomorrow Man, Orien, Hourman, Oracle, Aztek, Azrael, Hitman, Catwoman, Penguin, Croc, Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Bain, Huntress, Nightwing, Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Atom, Martian Hunter, Cleric, Dubbliex, Steel, the Silver Surfer, Secret, Lobo, Atomic Ant, Chronovore, Red Tornado, Eradicator, Eye, Furball, Dr. Midnight, Bat-Mite, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Iai, Big Barda, Wonder Man, Metamorpho, Powergirl, J'onn J'onzz, Starman, Tomorrow Woman, Biddo, Bizarro, Matrix, Marvelman, Daxam, Implicate Girl, Doc Matter, Draaga, Iron Man, Lex Luthor, Octus, Shazam, The Thing, Millionex, Captain Marvel, Animal Man, Antaeus, Atom II, Sea Ape, Scourge, Bloodwynd, Booster Gold, Creeper, Doctor Light, Thorn, Firestorm, Fire, Elongated Man, Lightray, Resurrected Man....

There are just too many of them!!!

Comic Book Superheroes

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Flippin' 'eck where did you get all those names from?

I was wondering though is Lex Luthor a Super'Hero'? I always thought he'd be a Super'Baddie'.

Anyway was BraveStar in that list?
Strengh of the Bear, Speed of the PUMA, PUMa, PUma, Puma, puma. There were two others but I can't remember them.

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Researcher 99947

Well, there were a few Villians in there, but hey, what's a hero without a villain?

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And how many of the aforementioned wore their underwear on the outside...

I grew up thinking that was one of the true characteristics of a superhero - the ability to air your (dirty) linen in public...

Are underwear made of linen ?

My train of thought stops at a signal.

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Now we're cookiing on gas. You will see by my ageing home page that there are superheroes among us. Not excluding me, because I are one.
I have my "Vest String," "Underpant Elastic Gun," and the stains on my vest which have been dramatically transformed into powerful weapons against crime using Scratch and Sniffology (C)(TM) (Pat. Pending)

I turn from my normal, innocuous self into Vestboy merely by shouting my special words


*SPARK - BOOM - TA-RAAA!* coff!

And here I stand before you in my hand knitted, baggy, stained (scratch and sniffology...) superhero underwear.

Whaddya think? Impressive, eh?

Comic Book Superheroes

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The Roach. Support character in Cerebus the Ardvark who is absolutely potty. Is forever changing his delusion as to which superpowers he has. Has been; The Cockroach, The Moonroach, Super Secret Wars Roach, Wolverroach, one of the Clueless (Sandman Parody), Normal Roach, Punisher Roach (when he actually did something) and many more. Has a sidekick, Binky the Albino, who was originally Elrod, a Michael Moorcock (I think) parody who talks like Foghorn Leghorn.

Comic Book Superheroes

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There are as you say so many they range from the well known batmat to the strange and wierd howard the duck and supergran not all have powers some are just well trained like batman and robins*or bucky(captain america side kick).Some had no secret i.d.s at all like the fantastic four.
many people would agree that STAN(the man)LEE and JACK(king)KIRBY had a lot to do with the success of marvel comics in the 60's and 70's they created (stan writing jack drawing) the hulk spiderman the fantastic four and the avengers( no not stead and emma ) to name just a few.
Many of there heroes are are still going strong in comics around the world many such as the hulk spiderman and captain america have had tv outings some were good overs very bad (captain america operation flag still the worst tv movie i have ever seen)
There have been a lot of animated series such as batman (16 episodes 1977 and 65 episodes 1992-93) the fantastic four(19 episodes 1967 and new 17 episodes in 83) the hulk(13 episodes 1984) spiderman(52 episodes 1967 and 32 in 83 spiderman and his amazing friends( also 16 with spiderwoman 83) and the x-men(65 episodes 1992-93)
now with films of blade x-men and many more the comic world of superheroes looks set to stay.

*There has been a few robins since dick grayson left to become nightwing and start the teen titans( sixty years old and still a teenager)

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Yes, but arguably one of the best superhero cartoons is the new Batman Beyond; don't get me wrong I like the X-Men and all that jazz but the only thing that really holds a candle to it are the Hulk cartoons and the more recent Spiderman stuff. And Spiderman gets very noring when all he ever says is, "Oh, but what about a normal life with Mary-Jane. I'm giving up!" Peter Parker is such a damn wimp! I'd love to see him fight a real hero like Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man!

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Eyes of the Hawk. And then there were one with ears but I can't remember which animal.

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Researcher 227926

re bravestar, ears of the wolf was the last one.

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Thankyou smiley - ok

SallyM smiley - smiley

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Rat Man is not in the list!!!smiley - smiley

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smiley - tongueoutNor's Black Lighting! Sweet Christmas!!!

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I'm trying to find a female superhero named (mighty ices) i'm not sure of the correct spelling i belive the mighty part is right.i'm allso not sure if she had a cmic book

Comic Book Superheroes

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Isis, maybe?
Have a look here

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