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Well I decided to look up those verses to see what you mean. and yes at times you can get a good laugh.

Exodus 4:24 well yes it looks like God is trying to do that if you read certain translations and you only read that one verse out of context, and the Bible was never meant to be read out of context. First of all when going through other translations it seems God made him very ill and near death but that is not trying to kill. If God wanted to kill someone He could. Also in context he fell ill because he had failed to circumsise his son because his wife didn't want to. Of course this violates the Law and he paid the consequences.

I'm not touching the Pi debate because many other people already have and their's no use in reviving the discussion

The Ecclesasties verse does not mean their is no heaven or hell. it's saying in a very poetic way the dead are gone and no more on EARTH. It does implie afterlife in eternity later in the passage.

The Song of Solomon verse What about it. Sounds like a love poem speaking of a dream and poems can be interpeted many different ways.

Matthew- So what he says fool. Big deal they were fools and Jesus is God so he has ever right to say that.

Mark 9 That was a parable. One of many Jesus said and are to teach you a lesson. That if something is causing you to sin get rid of it even if it is a part of you. But I'm sure cutting your hand off is a last resort, but lets keep in mind that this is the same God that introduced the Eye for eye concept.

Mark 10 Nothing ammusing about this. I find it sad that rich people very often or more greedy and don't think they need anything else. How many richchristians do you know and compare that with how many non-christian rich people their are.

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