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Theeditors can't have been good

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Matthew Mattic

There is so much apparent contracdiction still left in the NT, both with itself and mainstream Christian belief, that the editors can't have been very good. Religions like The Church of the latter day Saints and Jehovah's witnesses claim to beleive the bible but don't believe in the trinity and the divinity of Jesus, and even use bible verses to support these beliefs. Also there are bits like in Johns gospel where he mentions how the pharisees say that Jesus cannot be the messiah as he is from Galilee, that can cause doubt.

You'd think if the NT was being edited then all contracdictions with itself would be removed and verses would be put in that clearly mention the trinity and the divinity of Jesus etc rather than verses that just hint at it with other verses mixed it that appear to disprove it

Theeditors can't have been good

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Examples of these contradictions?

Theeditors can't have been good

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Well... in the Gospels, Judas Iscariot hangs himself out of remorse and grief.

In Acts, Judas disembowels himself.

I concede he could have done both out of some masochistic guilt trip, (a sort of early hanging, drawing and quartering) but this sounds like a consistency problem... I think we're entitled to ask, if they can't nail down a simple little issue like this, how accutate is the rest?

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