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OLD TESTAMENT v/s NEW testament

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Researcher 243684

A major fallacy present day Christians commit is their continued reverence to the so-called Old Testament consisting of the 5 books of TORAH, the psalms and the books of the prophets. continued archeaological excavations and investigation have proved what myths these narrations are. it looks more of a tribes desperate attempt to create a glorious past and GOD's privelege for them after a long exile in babylon.
because of this continued upholding and lack of understanding of JESUS's intentions and motivation to reform the rite ridden hebraic faith , numerous Christians blindly take the old testament literally.
-Sandeep Reddy.

OLD TESTAMENT v/s NEW testament

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Well yes, OK then. Ahem.

I think I'll comment when I've digested all of what you've written.

OLD TESTAMENT v/s NEW testament

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The Status Crow

I think you're missing the point slightly, in that the purpose of the old testament isn't there to brag about, or for an ancient history lesson (though there are many scholars who, after much research, hold the Old Testament to be one of the most historically accurate records of that period), the Old testament exists, fundamentally, to point towards the coming of a saviour (Jesus), who would have the power to redeem (and He did).

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