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Favourite Episode

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As you can see I've just completely contradicted myself with regards to an earlier posting but i feel after considering again the possiblities of another series, it just couldn't be done.

Favourite Episode

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As you can see I've just completely contradicted myself with regards to an earlier posting but i feel after considering again the possibilities of another series, it just couldn't be done.

Favourite Episode

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I have to agree. 2nd series is my favourite. What I want to know is why Blackadder slips down the social scale with every new series? Any one any ideas?

I love good British Comedy & although this isn't the right site, my favourite British Comedy is Porridge, Open All Hours or the Good Life. I could watch them all time and again without cringing.smiley - biggrin

Favourite Episode

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Johanna the Psychotic Bananna - - I'm back!!! I missed you, H2G2

I think i may have said domething oppisite of this earlier, but i have come to think that the ending of goodbyee is a proper ending, and fitting for the final end f the series. i thnk it would be folly to make any more. i rest my case, and apologise if im giving out mixed signals

Favourite Episode

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Got to be Bells (series 2). Or Goodbyeee :'(. Me and my friend spoofed Bells and turned it into Whistles, a guide camp story; very entertaining (for us anyway)

Favourite Episode

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When I first saw "Beer", I laughed so much, my family nearly called an ambulance. It started when Baldrick got the door, and then I couldn't stop. Nursie's hangover cure, Edmund's puritan aunt, the thingy shaped turnip, the beer swilling party guests, the fact that Baldrick has a thingy shaped like a turnip. The writing was just so sharp and hilarious. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the song about goblins.

Favourite Episode

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I'm only a young'un but Blackadder is my favourite comedy ever. It's absolutely classic. every episode is a masterpiece. It's a close one between the third and goes forth for my fave series. I love Melchett in Blackadder goes forth and Goodbyeee is a masterpiece. Gets me crying everytime, when you realise that actually Blackadder's wit isn't going to get him out of it and George saying that he's scared smiley - wah
I love Dual and Duality, the last episode of series 3. Fry is so hilarious as bignose wellington "SHOUTING!" smiley - biggrin
I'm a huge fan of Rik Mayall in Bottom and his performance as Flasheart is fantastic. I just love all of the episodes smiley - loveblush

Favourite Episode

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Favourite episode of "BlackAdder"? What a damn hard question!
My favourites of each series:
The Black Adder: "The Archbishop"
Blackadder II: "Chains"
Blackadder the Third: "Ink and Incapability" ("Dish and Dishonesty" and "Nob and Nobility" are very close behind in this one)
Blackadder Goes Forth: "Private Plane" ("Goodbyeee" was close)

Overall favourite would probably be "Private Plane".

Favourite Episode

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Another thing worth noting are my favourite and least favourite seasons:
1st: Blackadder Goes Forth
2nd: Blackadder the Third
3rd: Blackadder II
4th: The Black Adder

Favourite Episode

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The best episode is private plane. flashearts scenes are jus hilarious. the others jus as good.

Flashheart: If word gets out that I'm missing, 500 girls will kill themselves and I wouldn't want them on my conscience - not when they ought to be on my face!


Favourite Episode

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i havent seen many blackadder episodes so i am getting blackadder complete collection for christmas me and my family are going to watch blackadders christmas carol on christmas day.out of the blackadder episodes i have watched the best is probabbly money or nob and nobility.

Favourite Episode

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It has to be "Beer" from series two, it has everything.

Comedy breasts, Queenie humiliation, Lord and Lady White Adder, <> inheritance, "My incredibally strong ale", Great Boo, "Au contrare!" the list goes on and on.

Quite unbeatable! Simply the best.

BA: I want to write some invitations in blood, Baldrick, your blood to be precise.
BALDERS: Will you be wanting me to remove any limbs, my Lord, an arm or a leg?
BA: No, no just a small prick.
BALDERS: (putting his knife down his trousers) Very well, my Lord, I am your bondsman and must obey...
BA: (realising what he's doing) I meant a small prick on your finger!
BALDERS: I haven't got one there!

"Beer" gets my vote every time.

Sorry if this is a bit late...smiley - cake anyone?

askme1 smiley - ok

Favourite Episode

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For me it would have to be Bells in series 2, there were so many hilarious scenes that I never get bored of watching it. Classic stuff.

Favourite Episode

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close second's got to be the line 'i'm scared', almost dead-pan from the most bouyant character in the trench. not nice.
On a lighter note, any episode (from elizabethan series) with the line 'who's Queen?' has my vote.smiley - smiley

Favourite Episode

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I really like the Dictionary episode in III with Samuel Johnson and the Red Rum episode in II with Tom Baker - arrhah hah hahaaaa.

It goes without saying that the last episode in IV is great - funny and sad at the same time. Expertly done.

Favourite Episode

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What squirrel?

Favourite Episode

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It is so difficult to choose a favourite episode at times I vary between "Bells" from Blackadder 2 and "Captain Cook" from Blackadder Goes Forth, but honestly there are so many magical moments it is hard to pick an epidode that is not hilarious.smiley - biggrin

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