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The Meaning of Fnord

Post 21

Space Dracula

Fnord is why the movie "Ernest Shoots a Porno" was secretly made.

The Meaning of Fnord

Post 22


The Fnord that is the everlasting Fnord cannot be named.
Any Fnord that is named is not the everlasting Fnord.
(OBVIOUSLY, this doesn't count if the name is excedingly cool, includes ninjas or flies)

But does a cow have the Eris Nature?

One knows not the hour when Eris returns, so whiten your shoes appropriately and leave your lamps dimmed for ease of flabbergastey.

In Saint Germain I put my trust as should you if you wish to see your beloved pooky ever again!

And so we end our discussion of Fnord. Join us next time, Same bat Time, Same bat Channel!

The Meaning of Fnord

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

I must speak to the guards. They seem to be falling down on the job again.


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This post has been removed.

The Meaning of Fnord

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This Posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way fnord. You can find out; Mr Momomoto was framed.

The Meaning of Fnord

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the Daily Mail newspaper is absolutely teeming with fnords. fnords have recently been linked to stories about rising house prices, heart disease, immigration and hoodies.

i've also been told that downing street are breeding fnords ready for the identity card bill.

The Meaning of Fnord

Post 27

Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Maybe a couple of gay Rottweilers would be better than the
retired y-front inspectors we've got guarding the loo at the moment.

The Meaning of Fnord

Post 28


May the Fnord be with you all

Hail Eris

please mind the gap between your brain and the platform, please mind the gap

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fnord is purple
fnord is orange
fnord is yellow
fnord is red
fnord is hollow
fnord is strange

fnord seems to be colorful
fnord seems to be on the edge
of my shattered mind and the letters that live there
is that a monkey in your pants or am i just blind?

fnord seems to be the reason why an igloo is not made of plastic
fnord could be a pine tree playing hopscotch on your tongue
fnord looks like an ostritch and dresses like a clown
fnord can be the gateway to entropic wonderland

and if the meal is not the menu
then the fnord is not the man

Thus, endeth the lesson

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)


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