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Cigarettes - I am NOT evil!

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lol... okay guy. now i take into account how bad ciggs, alcohol and sniffing amonia is. But smoking IS legal... and its much easier for non smokers to avoid hazardous situations than for one smoker to jump up on the hood of a car and scream out *does anybody mind if i light a stoke!*

Cigarettes - I am NOT evil!

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Of course you are not evil - at least there is no evidence for that so far. However you need to think a little more deeply.

How many people would want to swim in a pool where 'peeing' was encouraged in the shallow end. Smoking areas do not work! It is simply rude to inflict a horrible smell (plus possible asthma attack) on other diners in a restaurant because you are in a 'smoking area' and a society where restaurants consider this 'normal' are crazy. Just because something is common does not make it right.

However were there to be a genuinely fantastic air conditioning system where the smoke went straight up in the air and out so that no-one had to share it I am sure all the problems would vanish.I have yet to encounter any such system.

Meanwhile - just to upset a few people I would like to suggest that smoking in your own house is completley immoral if you have children.
You cannot avoid them sharing the health problems. You probably get them addicted if they are susceptible to it and they have no power to change the situation.

If you injected nicotine quietly in the bathroom I would have no objection at all. Not even a tiny one.

smiley - cheers

Cigarettes + The Industry

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I am not evil,I used to be a heavy smoker,and was always aware of the vile smell,and that I was always short of money (but not for cigs )Don't you think some smokers are very selfish,they smoke inside pub doorways,also in bus shelters etc.and only think about themselves,this is illegal and immoral.I for one do not want to breathe in their second hand smoke,and before you say oh here's one of those reformed ex-smokers my reason for it is quite simple,I have thyroid cancer so no I don't want any of your smoke thank you very much .smiley - run

Cigarettes + The Industry

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Think more damage has been caused by (petroleum pollutants) over the years than tobacco smoke...specially in the larger cities...
read some where once smoking a ciggie, the nicotine and other stuff killed as much bacteria as brushing the teeth did..

Cigarettes + The Industry

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Well until we get something to replace the petrol we are stuck with it,but we still do not need the cigarette smoke .smiley - ok

Cigarettes + The Industry

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Methinks tobacco smokers dont need all the other pollutants that are added to it, for what ever reasons, lets face it a ciggie contains very little tobacco its the additives that are causing all the trouble..

something to replace the petrol...shanks pony...bicycle..horse and cart..better public transport..cheaper rail fair..more pedestrianised cities....solar powered cars, buses, better use of canals and waterways.
and a more relaxed way of life i:e re-education as to the nine to five working life as well as doing away with "cash" for the staple of life since money is the root of all evil..

Cigarettes + The Industry

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As long as no one is as ignorant as you ,we'll be ok

Cigarettes - I am NOT evil!

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I applaud you on your honesty ! I myself am an unrepentant smoker although I do respect others' rights to smoke free homes and so on. However I choose NOT to visit non-smoking friends and family in their homes if they are going to send me outside to smoke. They are more than welcome to visit me but must respect MY right to smoke in my own home. Incidentally I am married to a doctor and not ALL of the so called 'facts' with regard to second hand smoke are 100% true from what I've been told by him.Thank you for reading what is merely my opinion I know.Perhaps we,both smokers and non-smokers, could all become a little more mannerly and tolerant.

Cigarettes - I am NOT evil!

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Hi,i used to be a smoker,and yes we are the worst kind of non smokers there are.I really really miss my smoke,but I went off cigarettes over 2 years ago,2 weeks before the smoking ban in public places,as I couldn't even smoke in my truck anymore.It all seemed to much like hard work.

Two months after I had given up,I discovered that I have a totally rare thyroid cancer,to which unfortunately there is no cure.Myself or Doctors have never blamed smoke,It may even have been stress?

I would never have stopped anyone smoking in my house at one time,but now,probably because of my health,no I wouldn't allow it,but there again even when I did smoke I always respected others i.e. when out for a meal,in someones car or house that didn't smoke.The thing that really bugs me that doesn't work in reverse,for instance people smoking in bus shelters,which for most kind of shelters is against the law.There are notices,but they are to self centred to care about others.

I think I need a fag after all that,no I'm only kidding.

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