A Conversation for Cigarettes

why do people smoke?

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why do people smoke - good lord, isn't it obvious?!

I smoke. (Right now I smoke too much) But the reason I smoke is very simple. It is a drug. It makes me feel good - i.e. relaxed, groovy, generally better than I felt before I smoked.

You might as well ask why you drink, or smoke pot, or snort cocaine, or drink coffee, or chew gum, even.

I agree that the cigarette companies are pretty evil. But I capable of making my own choices. I know that my actions carry risk. But all actions carry risk. Anti-smoking propaganda is just as liable to critique as pro-smoking propaganda.

Question all that you read and hear and decide for yourself.


why do people smoke?

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i smoke very occasionally. I like it. I don't do it in ther peoples houses, i don't blow it in other peoples faces, and i doubt that this particular (VERY) occasional habit will ever cost anyone else any tax or insurance money to support me.

Having said that, i must say this. Smoking DOES make you look cool, and if you don't know that, you must not be French.

why do people smoke?

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I am myself a non smoker and I have had problems understanding why people smoke because I have never been under pressure to start. I would like to thank the people who have posted on this conversation because it has helped me to understand why people smoke and be more sympathetic (even if I'll never agree with it!)

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