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A reason for not smoking

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have you ever seen a man dying with lung cancer ?have ever seen a smoker's lung? kept it in your hand ? smelt it ?d'ya have any idea how painful cancer can be ? d'ya know how many times an hour a sickman can faint for not bearing it ? have you ever lost all your hair, teeth, and 60 pounds of weight in 2 weeks ?have you ever lost all your friends ? have you ever heard your dear ones talking to an undertaker, making preparations for your funerals ? have you ever hugged your children and wife on a deathbed ?have you ever been dignosticated with cancer at 33 ?
do you know what fighting cancer is like ?
once,napoleon,while talking with talleyrand,his foreign affair minister about the latter's wife,complimented her, referring to her wit.talleyrand wondered loudly if they were talking about the same woman and added if he knew there were a more stupid woman in the world, he would start looking for her.
the same goes for all the smokers in the world. let me tell you this: I have lived all that.your body is not yours.God has only lent it to you temporarily.you are supposed to show responsability to yourselves, the woman whose life and dreams depend on you, and the children you have brought into this world.and if you give all that up for a smoke, then you are not man enough,for real strong people solve problems they are faced with,not hide behind the cigarette smoke. some people kill everything they touch.such people are smokers.bloodsweatandtears

A reason for smoking

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Consider this. Most of the large Cigarette Companies are fully aware
they are poisoning millions of people with Cancer Causing Carcinogens
which are part of Fertilization Process.

An excerpt from Puffing on Polonium.

"How much polonium is in tobacco? In 1968, the American Tobacco Company began a secret research effort to find out. Using precision analytic techniques, the researchers found that smokers inhale an average of about .04 picocuries of polonium 210 per cigarette. The company also found, no doubt to its dismay, that the filters being considered to help trap the isotope were not terribly effective. (Disclosure: I’ve served as a witness in litigation against the tobacco industry."

Polonium was also a factor in the KBG case remember?

Litvinenko, a Federal Security Service defector and outspoken Kremlin critic with ties to exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, died November 23 in a London hospital from a lethal dose of radioactive polonium-210.

Now I'm no professional but after making this connection I quit smoking.
I don't care whether the types of polonium are different in concentration levels or not.

THIS STUFF WILL KILL YOU so find another vice.

A reason for smoking

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sorry for answering you so late, but i've been missing this site.
i know about the polonium being present in both the tobacco leaf and cigarettes as final products. it's been made public.a stunning disclosure that some people may have paid with their own life for.but i think it's worthed.still, the world keeps on puffing. isn't that funny ? it makes me think of a witty line in an american movie, he who makes more money on his death bed wins we are absurd creatures, we don't pay attention to educating the young generations properly,to the educational systems,mass-media and the educational background and then complain about the huge army of young addicted, smokers, boozers,rapers, and suicidals.some people's rush for undeserved money and high standards of living has been eating their hearts up.money is not everything.our deeds is everything.can you imagine, the first smoker in europe, don rodrigo de jorez, one of cristofor columbus's men, was turned in to the inquisition by his own wife.after he had spent 10 years in prison, he was released.at that time, everybody smoked !!! i guess the world will never change. it will keep showing the same irrational irresponsibility till its end.this will probably be the main reason of its extinction...

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