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Why do I smoke?

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Okay, before I start - yes, I know smoking is bad for me, and no I'm not in denial. Yes I'm addicted, no I don't really care. And here's why.

We live in a world where a few ignorant people have dominion over the rest of the populace, and en masse people allow this to continue like the sheep that they are. And those few people are ****ing our planet up, to such an extent that many of us now doubt that more than a couple of generations will even be able to inhabit the Earth after we've gone. And 24-7 in our culture we are surrounded by hateful, vacuuous wastes of space peddling their so-called "talents" which are, in fact, insults to the very concept of talent. (I'm looking at you, Blunt.)
My point is this: if these people have license to mess up our planet and pollute our media and culture, HOW DARE they tell me I can't screw up my own body? If I'm going to have a bad habit, please let it be smoking, and not DRIVING. Yeah, DRIVING. Which, by the way, is harming way more people than passive smoking ever possibly could. Innocent bystanders will not get mutilated, killed or injured by a high-speed Marlboro. The fumes from my fag might drift off into the surrounding area, and they're not great for you, but let's think this through - the fumes expelled by cars are so nasty they're putting a HOLE in the ATMOSPHERE. And you're telling me that I should quit smoking? Quit driving, and I'll throw all my rizlas away tomorrow.

I apologise for the occaisional non-adherance to my original subject, but I don't apologise for any of my opinions smiley - smiley

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Why do I smoke?

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