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spell check that tequila.......


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Yes it should be as in, phonetically, "Who Songs" - like Babba O' Riley, Boris the Spider and I Can See for Miles and Miles, etc.

If you run a spell check on Cascahuin it will probably come up with something strange. These Mexican names are often a lot of fun, as they are often from native American languages - Mexicans have a lot of fun listening to foreigners trying to say these names. I got used to it after a while, which was important as I often had to catch taxis to go to Cuautitlan, Tlalnepantla, Tenochtitlan, Naucalpan, Xochimilco etc. Try pronouncing Cuauhtemoc properly (the name of the famous Aztec dude and also a brewery in N. Mexico - they make Carta Blanca, Indio, Bohemia etc. and was the first commercial brewery in N. America if I am correct) - If you do I gather that this is a sign that you have drunk enough tequila to be allowed into the inner circle. Incidentaly a Mr. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas is the leader of a leading left-wing party in Mexico. His name is pronounced more-or-less phonetically - Coo ow tey mock Card in ass.

I don't know why I thought of this - but in Mexico they sell big fat bottles of Carta Blanca - Caguamas as they are known - the name of a turtle.These are great if you really want to drink a few beers by opening only one, but the other option is to buy half bottles - very popular when it is 45oC in the shade as they are drunk before they warm up.

Hussong's made me suspicious at first - as it sounds like a gringo name - It is good however - So Mr. Hussong or whoever knows what he is doing.

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