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Have you experienced any visions after eating the worm? I haven't - In fact one time (the last time) I consumed a large amount of the stuff and ate the worm (I had some help getting to the worm) - I do not remember much.

Mezcal is usually made from the same or similar plant as used for tequila. Using peyote would be interesting- I would bring some o my next company BBQ. However peyote plants are rather small and protected in many areas of Mexico - so you could get into trouble picking them.

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I realize that it wouldn't be practical to make Mezcal solely from peyote, because of its size but when you are using unskilled and poorly paid labor to harvest for your production, it would be very easy for some to end up in the mix. Plus if you tried to make Mezcal from only peyote I believe it would be impossible to drink more than a couple of shots without getting the psychedelic effects.
Then there is the etymology, I find it hard to believe that the words Mezcal and mescaline (the psychoactive agent in peyote) are unrelated.

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I think you'll find that Mezcal, mescalin, the mescal button (psychoactive bean - Sophora Secundiflora. 1/4 bean and you'll trip out for about 3 days due to it's toxic properties) and the Mescalitos are all related.

Many things were used by the Mescalitos to induce an altered state. Some of them Fatal.

Come to the Drinks Cabinet (newly arrived) for drunken ramblings.

Dr Goof Lithium

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Bladerunner (the Director's cut)

If you want to produce some trippy tequila, you'd be better off using San Pedro cactus. Some strains are about the same strength as peyote (weight for weight) but grows by about 6 to 12 inches per year! they are a classic cactus shape and not protected. They are also easy to grow at home. Be warned though the extract is likely to taste like shampoo and will probably make you sick (mescaline does that).

Peyote Should NOT be collected in the wild. It is in danger of being wiped out in many areas and there are other cacti that are just as good.

drinking too much Tequila

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Actually drinking too much tequila might have no effect other than get you very very drunk, allucinations doesn't come with the package, at most you can expect feeling very sentimental and end up crying or laughing all night.

I warn you, tequila is very strong and foreigners not accustomed on drinking it might end up lying in the floor who-knows where.

drinking too much Tequila

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Tequila... I remember this conversation? Was it really five years ago???

Draconis, great entry on tequila ( my second favourite liquor). I will see if I can contact someone in the editorial staff to make some additions to the original entry. Your entry would certainly add some local flavour to the original.

My name is Marv and I am a huge fan of tequila. I've only a bottle of 1800 at the moment, I would love to get some good repasado however.

drinking too much Tequila

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Thanks Marv, I'd love to see parts of my entry added to the original entry.

Over here it's actually pretty easy to get Tequila, The best one is without any doubts "Don Julio Reposado". I'm not sure if you can get it on Europe but if you're able, you really should.

drinking too much Tequila

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Oh, I am not in Europe. I am in North Carolina, USA. I have been as close to Mexico as San Diego California, but never made it across the border. I hope to go there to visit the ruins in the Yucatan.

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