A Conversation for Being a Blood Donor in the UK

Don't move your arm

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I recently went to give blood (which I have done about three dozen times) but had to halt the donation after a mere quarter pint.

After the needle had been put in my arm I noticed my flies were undone smiley - blush, and attempts to surreptitiously close them with my free hand failed because the zip was stiff. I moved the needled arm to assist and the needle twisted enough to make the machine below the bed start beeping in alarm at the change in flow rate smiley - yikes. The slip caused the needle to tear the vein slightly, and a bump around the needlet to show where blood was collecting. The nurse was unable to reseat the needle, and to avoid too much internal bleedingin my arm the donation was stopped.

Too much had been collected to retry in the other arm (which I offered), so the result was a short donation, and likely call up to donate again in a month or so. In case you are wondering it didn't hurt smiley - winkeye, though it does feel a little bruised in the crook of my arm.

Bonus: I still get to keep the donation credit, despite the inadequate amount givensmiley - biggrin

Don't move your arm

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Whereas last time I donated, I gave much more than I should have done, even though they didn't collect the extra. I noticed something dripping on my hand on the way out, and it was blood smiley - biggrin They sorted me out pretty sharpish though, and luckily I don't mind the sight of blood at all so it was all fine smiley - smiley

smiley - panda

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Don't move your arm

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