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Rubber Band Weapons

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Last year we made a monstrously long rubber band, by combining a few hundred standard sized rubber bands. We were able to shoot a "bit of metal bent in half and fired from an elastic band stretched between two people" about 50 metres.

Rubber Band Weapons

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Someone, I'm not really sure who, had a huge rubber slingshot at a party on Labor Day. It wasn't actually a rubber band, but it was really cool. It was about 6 feet long *before* you started stretching it. It took 3 people to use, two at each end and one pulling, and we flung several tennis balls almost the whole way across a nearby lake.

Rubber Band Weapons

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ffmike, we must have been in a tougher neighbourhood than yours. While your clothespeg weapon is certainly hideously dangerous, it lacks the subtle touch of passing the rubber band through the metal spring of a second clothespeg (use the wooden ones - plastic pegs have altogether the wrong firing mechanism). Then when you pull the band back you clip the spring into the trigger peg. Use sparingly - these things will draw blood. (Oh, and they also scare the crap out of those kids who can afford a Supersoaker 2000 and think they are invincible.)

Rubber Band Weapons

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(the tradition was still strong a mere 20 years ago)

Rubber Band Weapons

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Ah yes...well do I remember the arms races in rubber band weapons. Yes, we did have that little refinement, where the second clothespin became part of the projectile. As did, really, most any piece of hardware that might be laying about within reach. Of course you could also set up a chain of three, four or more clothespins such that the thing could be fired to launch any number, depending on which release point you pressed. As well as wider "gatling gun" affairs that could be loaded with multiple rubber bands at one time, featuring individual triggers.

Then, of course, we discovered the joys of blowing things up instead...

I made Up The Weapon "Tweedys"

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I am 12 years old and i have made up and patented the invention Tweedys. Whatcha Gotta do is tie 2 rubber bands 2gether and fold a paper clip to be able to shoot then you put it on the knot pull back aim fire ur target is in instant pain i myself have never been shot and i have participated in 43 battles at school in 5 days i am in seventh grade peace out im me on aol Jonathanflboy2

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