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Rubber Band Guns

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Researcher 168323

Highly overlooked these objects are perhaps the ultimate in office immaturity. Generally made of wood and firing up to twenty shots at a time they are much better than the stretching over your finger method, and take even less time to prepare (I found that anyway), I would suggest looking around for one of these beauties and investigating further.

Rubber Band Guns

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Roo (Muse of Agar Minions!!!)

coolness, but u can also make a kind of gun with your hand using a little-finger trigger and looping the thing around your first finger, though i am sure people like u know this already.
thinner bands work better for this, the thick ones are best saved for the flicking as per described previously. smiley - smiley
have fun!
luv roosmiley - smiley
p.s. the finger guns still only flick one band at a time, while the guns u describe sound much more efficient smiley - smiley

Rubber Band Guns

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Researcher 201507

alright, yesterday i got this thomson looking rubberband gun its really fun! =) BUT i dont know how to make a turret for it, so do u know how to make one out of a cardboard box?

Rubber Band Guns

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dont make a turret out of cardbard, far too thin, try instead making a turrit from bolsa wood, or some other such material, and hige the edges so that it can fold away easly

Rubber Band Guns

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i wonder, has anyone tried makng a rubber band gun that can shoot several targets simultaeneously?

Rubber Band Guns

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I recently saw a rubberband 'gattling gun' that can fire 144 rubber bands a min. So, obviously I wanted one, and searched for it on the internet. Anyway the link http://www.rubberbandguns.com came up. and its great smiley - smiley
The big guns are really expensive, but the smaller ones are inexpensive and fun.


Rubber Band Guns

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That's awesome!

Rubber Band Guns

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I once made a rubber band gun out of Lego, it launched lego bricks at high speed.

It tended to drop to pieces and was hard to reload, but it was great fun. The Gatling gun looks amazing, but I bet it takes ages to set up.

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