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I love black cats

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Saturn Girl ~ 1 of 42 (Borg Queen A761708) ~ Gollum's keeper + some ~ [1*7(0!+2)(0!+1)=42]

I have an odd theory about black cats... I have one for a pet, and she isnt' bad luck, as far as I'm conserned. I actually think, if anything, she's good luck. I think black cats, if they do anything about luck, is they steal it from other people, and give it to their owners. All the other people who've had black cats that I've also talked to have said that they aren't bad luck at all, but people still insist they are. So either it's all in the mind, or black cats just collect luck for their owners... Think about it.

I love black cats

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Hey that sounds about right to me smiley - smiley

I remember i had this girl and her sister over at my place once. My black-and-white (50% either way) cat walks in and introduces himself. I never saw two girls get so scared ever. They were afraid to let the cat touch them. When i asked why they simply said "It's got black on it!! Its very bad luck!". And to think he is probably the most harmless Kitty in the world. (More docile than most cats actually, in fact i think that if i ever had the guts to try i could even give him a bath without losing too many fingers).

You should have seen the look on their faces when i picked up my kitty and held him! They stared at me as if i was a demon or something...

I love black cats

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Lady of the Lake {A friend to all, a lover of none}

Thats a good thought. I was until a few weeks ago the proud owner of 2 black cats, I've had them both 15 years and I miss the one thats gone. I can honestly say that black cats are not bad luck and if they are, then why when I was pregnant did my blood pressure stay really low....well I can only say it was because in the evenings my cats curled up on my lap and made me relax, surely if they were bad luck it would have gone sky high. I love black cats and would never have one of any other colour.

I love black cats

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Ram0na (seems that I've lost my sock againl)

I have an aunt that is terrified of black cats, but then again she won't play cards on Sunday either. smiley - smiley Of all the cats that we have had the black one was the most interesting if not the most intelligent of them. I rather like the lore of black cats. What a great thing to have at Halloween for a prop smiley - blackcat

I love black cats

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I am the very proud owner of a pure black cat, proud because I didnt find her, she choose me. I've always been a suspicious person, and having a black cat wasn't ideal to me at first, but I didn't get much of a choice! Out of her litter, she was the only one who walked right up to me, and then refused to leave me alone until I tool her home. She's been with me ever since, through every hurdle in my live over the last four years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Just because she's black does not make her bad luck. In fact, she is very good luck for me!

I love black cats

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Did you know that in Scotland the complete opposite is true, ie. that black cats are GOOD luck, and if one crosses your path it's meant to be a definite sign of good things to come? (Anyone who knows why, let me know!) But I've never been afraid of black cats and consider it to be a very strange things to think they're bad luck. Poor things. A lot of black cats are actually called 'Lucky'.

I love black cats

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I love black cats

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The Sciolist

I love all cats, but right now I have a pure black Siamese-cross and he is very adorable. He comes when he is called and has not caused me any bad luck. He was actually the last of his litter to go because he was black, which is sad because he is pretty smart (as cats go.)

I love black cats

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Black cats might not be very bad luck for humans, but my girlfriend had an adorable black cat called Elmo, who was probably the unluckiest cat in the world. He was blind, thought he was human, and had a habit of burning his nose/singeing his tail/falling off things in a most uncatlike way etc. He was only able to catch leaves and worms (her other cats would bring in mice, pigeons, livestock, etc), and he died a very young death from apparently nothing at all. If that isn't one unlucky cat, then I don't know what is. Oh yeah, typing cat - how much do you charge by the hour? I need a report typed and I can't be arsed...

I love black cats

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It seems apparant to me that douglas adams, the drunk he was, touched many lives here. That last post made me laugh till tears ran out my eyes... it was hilarious in a very Mr. Adams way. RIP. we miss you.

on to the real post:

I have a red dog... she's neither a cat nor black, but she is one unique animal. Blind, slow, uppity. She'll hear you come home and jump around ecstatically, right into the front door. she does circles when playing fetch... but eventually finds it. She tries to groom herself, but ends up licking a pillow. I don't like dogs much, but i can tolerate this one... what a personality.

I love black cats

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Researcher 199888

I was always told (via a Scottish father/grandparents) that a black cat crossing your path was _good_ luck, because it meant that the witch that the cat was following had gone past without turning you into something nasty.

Dunno how real a concept that is though.

I love black cats

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Hapi - Hippo #5

This of course is true. Witches do own black cats. I had witches in the family (not any more as far as I know) and they indeed owned black cats.
My daughter has a black cat (big fat lazy b*****d) and, now that I think of it.. I haven't seen her boy friend for some time.

And there is a very large, very sad looking frog in the backyard

And she recently got herself a broom but never sweeps the yard.

.. she wouldn't .. or?

I love black cats

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We have a lovely black cat, too. Someone dumped her on the side of the road when she was a kitten. She saw us, decided she was ours and gave a great MIAOU. Our luck has been good since she came to live with us.

I love black cats

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A black cat is just the same as a white or tabby cat, just a different colour! A cat is a cat. A black cat is not bad luck. It's just pretty! Black cats are gorgeous. I had one, but he died. he was lovely, though, and never brought me any bad luck!

I love black cats

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I have two black cats[males], its the only kind of cat I ever wanted in my house. The same goes for dogs. They have to be all black and males. Something psyco there?

I love black cats

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ive had numerous black cats, i only like black.... our latest is salem who's 8months...... he's luvly, but also can be evil!!!! i also luv white poodles$$$$!!!!!!

I love black cats

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Thanks, I'm truly flattered. Sounds like your dog could have had a bit of a lobotomy. Or maybe it's just playing dumb to lull you into a false sense of security before nicking your bank details and assuming your identity...

Watch your back..

smiley - winkeye

I love black cats

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I had a black cat, she belonged to a neighbour until they moved house and she kept coming back. They gave up hope on her, so we adopted her- well more like she adopted us.
Although we didn't have much luck (although maybe my Dad won money on the Premium Bonds quite often), we think she was pretty lucky. She always ended up with whatever she wanted, and we were beginning to think she was immortal until she died last year at the age of 23!

I love black cats

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On my gosh thats the same as me, we've been adopted by our neighbours cat, called, how original, Felix. He hasn't been here long, so not sure if hes lucky or what, but I love him to bits! Think the neighbour is a bit put out though. He he

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