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On the white spot.....

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..I may be dreaming this, or indeed a witch brought this to my attention, but apparently every 'black' cat nowadays has a white spot on it somewhere.
Apologies if this is mentioned in a previous post, but the rumour (or myth depending on how serious we're being) is that pure black cats were persecuted so widely in past centuries that the only ones that survived were the ones with patches on them. Hence why every black cat nowadays has a lovely white spot that you aim for when stroking.
I doubt this is evolution at work, merely a quick attempt at natural selection (no doubt due to slaughter), but interesting nonetheless whenever you come across a noir moggy.....
Feel free to correct me on this, perhaps the motorbike ride i took today had me hallucinating

On the white spot.....

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I don't know if it's true of all black cats but I have owned three black cats and each one has had at least some white hairs on it. My current cat has the tiniest patch of white fur on her lower belly (couldn't be more that about 30 hairs).

On the white spot.....

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My cat has always been all black, though with advancing age (he's 19), he now has a couple of white whiskers and his belly fur has lightened to dark grey.

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