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Just back from a long weekend there, thought I'd add a few updates re prices etc.

A single 1 hour ticket on a vaporetto is 6.50, compared to a 3 day ticket at 31, so it will probably make sense to go for the multi day version. The bus in from the airport is 2.50, and the Ailaguna water service is 12 euro. A gondola ride is about 100, and a water taxi journey from the airport is 95.

September is a nice time to visit - the tourist crowds are bearable, the heat not too stifling and the smell hardly noticeable.

The view of St Marks from the San Giorgio is absolutely stunning, and you feel you are escaping the madding crowd there.


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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for those, Beatrice. I found the whole of Venice stunning.


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CandyMan (Wonders why Mr. X really, really want Met to watch Pirates 3)

Having run the Venice Marathon last year (26 Oct 2008) I stayed there for about 7 days. I spent my first night in a place called "A Venice Museum' which wasn't too bad for a hostel. It was cheap, but not much for privacy (even for a hostel).

It is very fun to get lost walking around. I walked around for over an hour, was lost for 45-50 minutes and just about when I was ready to head back I found myself again only a few minutes from the hostel.

If you have the option, also see about splitting an apartment with some friends. We had 6-7 of us in the one apartment but still had plenty of room and saved a bunch of euros.

The Doge's Palace is gorgeous. It's most definitely worth the extra cash to see the "hidden" or "secret" tour which is really just some more of the museum with lots of cool history and no photographs. Well, none that are authorized any way. Just keep your flash and any shutter sound effects off, stay towards the back of the group and you probably won't get caught. Don't know what (if anything) the tour guide will do if s/he catches you.

Lots of good restaurants and pubs. Just stop at one randomly and you'll probably have a really good time. A really good place that we drank at almost every night was located on Via Giuseppe Garibaldi [just look for the cruise liners] about halfway between the Grand Canal and the park. Look for cheap metal chairs with wooden backs and some white umbrellas. If you have the munchies, they have some meats and cheese platters but we focused on the copius amounts of wine. smiley - cheers

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