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Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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I've been to Venice, and I must say it's not all it's cracked up to be.
I's very, VERY expensive.
It smells like a big sewer. (No! It really does!)
It's full of Germans (not that I dislike Germans, understand).
It's incredibly overcrowded.
It's buckling under the strain of mass tourism.
It's full of boat traffic jams, as Taxis attempt shortcuts going the wrong way down one-way streets.
It looks like it needs a face-lift.
It's sinking.
Er... that's all for now.

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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Sigh! I was there, a while ago now (13 years) but it happened to be our first wedding anniversary and lets face it, where else would you want to be hmmmm?!?
We were there in January - for the Southern Hemisphered that means it was winter- so it was NOT crowded, NOT smelly, NOT hot, but still expensive.
What taxis in which one way streets exactly are you reffering to? I thought there were no cars in Venice. At least when I was there and when my parents were there just weeks ago one thing we found very noticable was that there was a general lack of any cars.
Gotta get back to work more later...

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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Hey, just 'cos it's a taxi it doesn't mean it's a CAR!
That'd be silly!
They're planes. (boats)

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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It's definately _not_overrated, but simply nice !!! Especially, if you go in the winter, when fewer people (still too many though) are around. But you rewarded with a beautifully foggy and (in the evening) even lonly place with little squares, bridges over canals reflecting the houses ... well an utterly romanic and beautiful place ...

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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It sounds a lot like London.

Cry for help

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Can you recommend anywhere to stay in venice? Me and two mates are off in 2 weeks and need somewhere not too dear and decent.

Cry for help

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Hi Lixie, my wife & I are going to Venice in August, try the Plaza hotel in Mestre, we have 4 nights there for £156 including return flight, a 4 star hotel. Deals can be found on Expedia.com, as your are going a lot sooner than us, could you pleaselet us know how you got on? & what you thought of the city?

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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I realize that this post was originally made in 1999, but I should still respond to it.

1. Venice does not smell like a sewer--this is a myth. Venice is a city of around 60,000 people, and there is sometimes something "organic" in the air, but so is there in London, Berlin, New York, wherever. The canals do not stink, as they are sea water and are cleaned with the tide every six hours.

2. Venice is crowded only in 2 places: St. Mark's Square and the Rialto, and the streets running in between. It is otherwise generally free of tourists. All you need to do is get two or three streets away from these areas to see that.

3. Venice is not dirty. The streets are swept every day.

4. The comment about the boats does not make any sense, as this person could not have been driving a boat.

5. If you fail to see Venice because you think it stinks or is dirty or is crowded, you are doing yourself a great disservice. You must see Venice!

P.S. I live there

Hideously Overrated, if you ask me

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Suffice to say, I don't remember posting this... but I remember holding those opinions!

I plan to re-visit Venice soon to see if it's any less smelly. I think I might appreciate its finer points a bit better now smiley - winkeye

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