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Anyone thinking of coming to Venice should disregard this entry. It is out of date, and contains information that is simply wrong. I live in Venice, and I can tell you:

1. Much of the historical information in this posting is wrong.

2. Venice does not stink.

3. Venice is not falling down. (I have never heard anything so absurd)

4. Venice is not dirty--it is swept from one to the other nearly every day.

5. If you take the time to get away from the Rialto and St. Mark's, you will find the city nearly free of tourists, even in the summer.

6. There are no cars or scooters or bicycles here--it is very quiet and peaceful.

You should really visit Venice, and give it three or four days. To do otherwise is to deprive yourself of one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.

Poor and Inaccurate Entry

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Gnomon - time to move on

I'm surprised if this entry is inaccurate, since it was all checked by a woman who lives in Venice. I'll look into it.

But off the top of my head - yes Venice does stink at certain times of the year. Yes, it is dirty. I've seen it. Yes some of it is indeed falling down. I've stayed in parts of it where the plaster was crumbling off the walls and the building was only barely surviving the various floodings.

Poor and Inaccurate Entry

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Gnomon - time to move on

OK, your other points - the entry does not mention bicycles and scooters at all, and specifically mentions that cars are not allowed in the city, so I don't understand your point number 6.

You're probably right about there being tourist-free areas.

I'd love you to explain which bits of the history are incorrect so that I can fix it.

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