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Power Naps

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cafram - in the states.

Here in Oz they've 'discovered' this great new thing called a 'powernap'; the idea is that you sleep for 20 minutes and it keeps you going for....well....a long time.

Anyway, these things actually work! If you're up all night, a 20 minute 'powernap' in the morning will keep you going all day (especially useful for last-minute rushes on school assignments etc).

Power Naps

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I´ve heard about these... and I tried it. I was very confused when I realized that it actually worked! I don´t know what kind of nap you´re referring to but if it is the one I talk about it is a blessing from the Goddess!

Power Naps

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Dancing Ermine

Power naps are not a new thing, they have been around for at least 15, if not more, years. Margaret Thatcher was famous for using them (though they contributed less to her fame/infamy as other things, such as being prime minister). She is not the only one who has discovered the miraculous power replenishment of sleeping in the middle of the day. Spanish people still siesta and brought the idea with them to the Americas, and babies are famous for sleeping in the middle of the day. I had heard that there are even required nap times in infant schools just to ensure that the little children last an entire day of schooling.

The practice hasn't become all that widespread in this corner of the planet though. I have not met anyone in person who has tried this on purpose though I have noticed that having been rudely awakened by false fire alarms, it is harder to get to sleep after having a mere one hour's rest.

smiley - bigeyes R97644

Power Naps

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vaguely safe

My friend's mother had an unusual sleep schedule: She would wake up in the middle of the night and do some things that needed doing for a few minutes. Each night she would stay up a little longer. Eventually she slept from perhaps 9-12, worked until 4, then slept until 7am, and went to work. I wonder how many power naps you would have to take per day to keep from going crazy.

Power Naps

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cafram - in the states.

I've worked out a system with my friend where yuo sleep for 20 minutes out of every 4 hours; totalling 2 hours sleep a day.

This would keep you going for a fair while.smiley - smiley

Power Naps

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vaguely safe

Damn, that sounds too extreme for me. Maybe 20 minutes every two hours. This would still equal about 50% of what I get now, which isn't really enough anyway.

Power Naps

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Princess Bride

Personally I don't want to figure out how to get less sleep. I love sleep. In fact, I need to go to sleep now. Maybe I will....

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