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I never slept as before.

Cause; PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder = mentally very weak and nerves as stron as paper.

I hardly ever had a good sleep after that, but I had an extremely strong body and willpower.

These are crumbling down fast these days.

Medicines, humor, loads of herbs and foodsupplies, writing and painting and having some money still keep me alive.

I'm now 56. A few years to go and it would be a blessing when death would come and fetch me in the dead of night, during my nervous, chemical "sleep".

My selfknowledge and attitude and behaviour have been changed to the good after 1984, but now I'm seeing the finish.

It's o.k.

I hope we all have a good sleep tonight smiley - smiley

Since 1984

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From my diary at H2G2. It was at H2G2 that I started to write and more and more personal.
It kept/keeps me going.

H2g2 is like an Island of calm in our turbulent world.

"An overwhelming depression in 1984".


Since 1984

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Well, now I see this posting of mine again.

Sleep has not really changed for the better, but I do feel the obstruction inside more and more.

But a normal life; mornings and a full time job (that I ever had for a long periode); that's not realistic to look forward to.

Surviving myself is already a job of its own.

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