A Conversation for Sleep

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The Electric Monk

First of all, sleep is not just going to sleep and then waking up with a vague sense that time has passed for everyone. For some of us it is a multi-hour battle where we mentally force ourselves to remain in a sleep-like state. Some of us are aware of every moment as we claw at our pillows like kittens being tugged from their mother.

Secondly, speaking as someone that has been deprived of sleep for days at a time on a regular basis, I must caution you. Sleep, no matter what people think, is not something you can catch up on. You may stay up for forty-eight hours and then sleep for sixteen hours. The math seems to work out, but it is a fallacy. Sleep is like childhood once you lose it you cannot get it back. Except perhaps by a blow to the head.

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Two Observations

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