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Insomnia cures

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As time marches on and I grow ever older and sillier, I find that I suffer from insomnia more and more frequently. (I'm writing this at 5:25am). I have tried to get my doctor interested in this problem, but she just looks at me silently with an expression that says "so what?"
So, as she can't/won't help, I'd like to call upon the collective wisdom of h2g2. Can anyone suggest an effective insomnia remedy - preferably something non-addictive and legal?

Insomnia cures

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Red Petunia (ShipperInLove)

I really wish I could help you, but unfortunately I suffer from insomnia too, have done my whole seventeen years of life (I can't remember *ever* not finding it hard to get to sleep) and it looks like I'm set to continue forever. ARGH! I'm assuming you've tried hot drinks and milk and everything else, so... erm... how about just not bothering? A friend of mine suggests pretending you really *don't* want to sleep. he says that he then sleeps out of spite to himself. But then, he's a rather strange person, like me. How about doing soemthing really boring? My brother reads my mum's teaching magazines when he can't sleep, or tries to do his maths homework... smiley - winkeye
Good luck. If you find a cure, TELL ME!!

Insomnia cures

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Sorry, but the only thing I've found that always works is six pints of beer. Trouble is, of course, that you feel even worse in the morning than if you hadn't slept... smiley - fish

Insomnia cures

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Red Petunia (ShipperInLove)

Ah well, that woudln't work for me - I normally usually never I don't drink. Ah well... have you tried headache pills to get over the hangover? There has to be a guid entry somewhere about them...
smiley - loveRed Petunia

Insomnia cures

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Alcohol is likely to wake you up earlier.
Try listening to the sound of your breathing, imagining that you are flying...
writing down all of the day's remaining problems in a list... look for solutions, otherwise agree to yourself that since you've recorded them you'll be able to sort them out tomorrow without forgetting what they are...
try chamomile tea. its disgusting but my mother swears by it...
I can't think of anything else currently...

Insomnia cures

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Chronic insomnia is sometimes caused by melatonin problems; one may either suffer from a shortage of the hormone, or may not be processing it properly. Make sure you get enough exposure to sunlight during the day, and take a melatonin supplement at night. My best friend's favorite is Knockout, which is an herbal product containing time released melatonin, Kava Kava, and Valerian root. If it turns out that your body is not short on melatonin, this product can cause nightmares. If this happens, discontinue use and try an herbal product which does NOT contain melatonin. (Straight Kava Kava or Valerian root, or a product called Sleep Support). I didn't believe in any of this all natural stuff until I tried it. Do tell your doctor you are taking these products before you take any perscription medication. Some herbal products will effect the absorption of other drugs.

Other sleep suggestions: Warm milk or turkey soup before bedtime, a regular routine if at all possible, a comfortable bed, and in some cases a steady source of white noise.

If you are nightmare prone, as I am, you might try sleeping with some sort of controlled background noise. When under stress, I never sleep without an audio book in my tape deck. Do not use an audio book if you have not already read it, as you will end up staying awake to listen, and make sure you choose something you really love. I only listen to Douglas Adams while sleeping. I'd suggest using the Dirk Gently books with care; Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul might appear in your dreams in somewhat strange ways!

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I can go to sleep without many problems however have you tryed doing alot of physical activity during the day? Climb a mountain or go for a long cycle ride? Its just an idea but i suppose its worth a try.

Good luck!

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I might consider it if you'll promise to write my obituary for the "h2g2 Post". smiley - winkeye

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I nearly always find it extremely easy to fall asleep in front of the tv or while reading but as soon as I venture upstairs to bed I find it takes a long time to get to sleep. So I think it is best to sleep on the sofa fully dressed, still wearing make-upsmiley - erm with the news blaring out in the background. Obviously with the light still on, that way I can wake up with a bad neck and covered in cat hairs.

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If you have trouble getting to sleep try lying right on the very edge of your bed with one leg and one arm hanging off that very same edge. You are nearly garenteed to drop off sooner or later.

Tea is also good.

Insomnia cures

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I have suffered from chronic insomnia for years. For me, anything with Melatonin in gives me very bad nightmares and I find myself falling to sleep quite quickly but then waking up from nightmares/crazy dreams several times in the night, sometimes very upset, so not really having a restful nights sleep.

Four things that really help me

1. Good Earth Tea For Sleep - contains lots of Valerian Root among other things. works well.

2. Lavender Oil - in a bath before bedtime, in an incense burner, or even a few drops (just a few) sprinkled directly on my pillow. I find that it doesn't necessarily put me to sleep very quickly, but it stops me from getting frustrated and agitated and so I do eventually get to sleep and it's very restful. I found that with Lavender I had really weird dreams - not nightmares, just weird. However, these went away when I started using number 3

3. Accupressure Cones for Sleep - you get these in the well known UK chemist - they're like a plaster with a little plastic thing in the middle that you put on a certain point on your wrist. The plastic thing presses a specific pressure point that helps you sleep. Like I said, once I started using these in conjuction with lavender, I started having a really restful night's sleep with no weird dreams.

4. A relaxation CD. I have a CD called Deep Sleep 101 which is all music and after nearly 3 years of listening to it a few nights a week, I never tire of it (pardon the pun) and I have never got to the end of the CD. I'm always asleep well before then.

My psychologist friend tells me that watching tv in bed is a no-no and that if you're not asleep within 20-30 mins, get up and do something, read a book, do the ironing, whatever, but tossing and turning is only making it worse!

Insomnia cures

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minichessemouse - Ahoy there me barnacle!

smiley - ghostthread

i have had trouble sleeping for as long as i can remember. the only thing garunteed to knock me out is an allergic reaction.

white noise is omportant, the radio or an audiobook playing very quietly or even a clock ticking can help, failing that your own breathing can help.

counting was a technique that i used with some sucess for a couple of years, i would count my breaths or the ticks of a clock, sometimes into the thousands.

being clean and dry also helps.

Insomnia cures

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MonkeyS- all revved up with no place to go

I suffer from it quite badly, so much so that a while ago I went to see a hypnotherapist.

During the initial consultation, I asked him how easy it was to be hypnotised. He said, smugly, that he had trained for years, that his mind was stronger than mine, and that he wouldn't have any trouble hypnotising me. Red rag to a bull.....

Two sessions later, he had to concede defeat.

I wasn't cured, and if anything my insomnia has gotten worse. I've tried hot milky drinks, sandwiches and starchy food before bed, no food or drink after 6 pm, cd's, sex, over the counter tablets, alcohol, under the counter tablets, reading books on sleeping techniques, all to no avail. I was prescribed some sleeping tablets after a car accident, although I did get a full six hours I felt absolutely dreadful afterwards, so I flushed the remaining tablets.

I get by on 2-3 hours on a good night, other nights I get no sleep at all, and barely get by. If anyone has any other options or techniques I'd be glad to give them a whirl. (I could do with a yawning smiley here, if anyone knows of a good one!)

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