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Gas Lamp Quarter

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San Diego has a wonderful little area called the Gas Lamp Quarter. The area get's it's name (as I understand it) from the gas lamps that are used to heat the outdoor seating areas of the restaurants.

The GLQ is a very trendy and hip place in San Diego. There are numerous small restaurants of middling to excellent quality, a plentiful abundance of bars, a movie theater and several small shops that stay open late to accomodate the late evening shopper between the restaurant and the bar.

The area is very clean and gives you a very safe feeling due to the number of police patrols. This last feature has both it's good points and bad points. On the plus side, if you do leave the restaurant or bar late at night, you don't have to worry about who's outside while you're looking for your car or a taxi. On the down side, you will have to monitor your behaviour while inebriated so as not to solicite a ride from a police officer.

From Thursday to Saturday the area is packed with beautiful people dressed in their finest, so the outdoor seating on the side walk makes for great people watching. It also means that certain restaurants, clubs or bars may be full when you try to enter them. This also serves to drive the prices up of the services that are provided at these locations.

If you enjoy being chic and are willing to spend a couple extra units of currency, then by all means come down to the Gas Lamp Quarter.

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Gas Lamp Quarter

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