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San Diego Airport question

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Mew Gull

I had the opportunity to visit San Diego for a conference recently. While flying in, I was struck by the fact that the approach to the airport practically runs right over downtown, barely missing the tops of tall buildings. I later heard that San Diego is one of the most dangerous airports to fly into for pilots, and I could see why!

I am hoping that folks from San Diego who are on this site maybe could fill me in on the issue. I imagine that people living on either side of Balboa Park just N of downtown must have to deal with a lot of aircraft noise. Has there been any pressure to move the airport to a less 'dangerous' location? Or is there no other choice?

That was my first time to San Diego, so I'm only slightly familiar with the city. If anyone from San Diego is on this site, I'd be interested to find out more.

I have to say that I enjoyed my time in San Diego. The city and its residents were pleasant, it seemed quite safe, and it was pretty easy to get around. Nice place!

San Diego Airport question

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I'm from San Diego and there has been much debate about moving the airport to a more Northernly area where a small airport already exists ... but residents there have continually and successfully fought the move for many years.

The problem is that San Diego, like much of California, has premium pricing and high demand for land. I believe the airport and city sort of "grew into" each other over time and both ran out of comfortable space.

A typical SMALL home in San Diego (lets say a two-bedroom, 1 bath, 900 square feet, small front yard and even smaller back yard) could cost as much as $700,000 and if you want to buy a condo Downtown, expect to shell out at least a Million Clams. No kidding here.

It's what residents like myself call "The Price of Admission" because living in San Diego is like living in the middle of a beautiful, temperate theme park year-round.

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San Diego Airport question

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