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I love all music, except country music. Country music really pisses me off smiley - smiley.
I especially love playing music and writing it......

I Love Music

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

I 'mostly' love all music. However, there is just one event that sticks in my mind, then puts me out of it in a sort 'quivering wreck' kind of way.

It goes like this :

Walking home one night down an old country road with nothing around except for a decrepit old cottage type building with no lights on. Out of the blue comes this blood curdling screaming wailing type noise that sent me running home in a record time of about 10 minutes (over a two mile distance).

On investigating the phenomenon the next day, I discovered that the local branch of the 'Free Church' had been holding their choir practice their. For those who don't know, the 'Free Church' is a particularly virulent strain of Scottish Religion which holds most of its' services in Gaelic - A foreign language normally called 'the local original language'.

I Love Music

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Sounds scary you should submit that story to Jimi X's search for spooky stuff....

I Love Music

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Sorry to hear about your experience with the Free Church. They, of course, prefer acapella i.e no blue-rinsed old biddy giving it loads on the organ to psalm 61 (extended mix). You could always move to where I live...ALNESS!!

I Love Music

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

Nice wind up attempt! Alas, no takers. Me thinks you might even be in the same building at the moment, but haven't yet figured out who.

Think about it, for a moment. The possibility that you could live in a place I have criticised on my home page (Well, I call it that), and a place I happen to be working is just stretching it a bit. Especially when you consider the posting you replied too. smiley - smiley

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just to test

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oh my god someone else lives in Alness! wow - thought it wasn't big enough


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