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That's a very acurate article in my opinion. I love music. It's in my soul. I can't tell you how it makes me feel when I hear a song that really touches me. I realise this was a very cheesy comment to make but it's true. Sometimes, in music you can find someone that you can totally relate to. It can change your outlook and bring out the strongest emotions. I'm listening to music right now. It's a song called Wounded by Good Charlotte. It's about how hard it is for this guy to have a relationship because he feels that through his music everyone knows how he is feeling and it's messed his head up. I've never felt like that before but it's such a powerful song that I nearly cried when I first heard it. That's how good music should make you feel. smiley - wah


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apart from the fact that in my opinion good charlotte are poppy emo trash, you do have some good comments. i personally believe that the smiths and the cure are the two best bands ever and they have extremely powerful messages and powerful songs linked to their names. Morrissey is the most poetic lyricist of all time and the smiths have been associated as a depressing band, but songs such as this charming man and cemetry gates with their melodic riffs prove them to have a happier alter ego.
the cure also have a similar feeling to the smiths as they have a depressing, powerful sound 'love song' and also an extremely happy sound 'just like heaven' which gives me goosebumps because it means so much to me and sounds fantastic.
personally music is the most expressive and emotional thing in the world. you can tell others how you feel through music. morrissey for example bases his music on his own emotions.
playing instruments (i play guitar, piano, harmonica and dijeridoo) also helps you to relax and feel free. if i am unhappy playing the guitar is almost theraputic. however, im a very happy person and am rarely unhappy smiley - smiley
music fits every mood. sometimes if i am in a particular mood i will play a song to fit it, on other days i let the music put me in a mood.
a few years ago when i was a bit younger i mainly listened to punk, ska, indie, reggae. but now, although they remain my favourite genres, i have broadened my horizons and am open to all kinds of music. it is a much better way to be as you have more choice and more moods to choose from.
all we need do now is to banish all poppy trash like boy and girl bands, and perhaps some garage because that is also pretty awful, and we will be happy forever - all because of music, music, music.
i leave you with a well known smiths album title - 'MEAT IS MURDER'

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