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Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Where's the cheapest pint in Dublin? Is it any good? Pints in the bars in Trinity are £2.10, which is the cheapest in the city centre, but they're mank. So any yummy pints around for less?

And any cheaper pints in the rest of the country?

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

You lucky person - I've to pay the highly inflated price of IR£2.60 in Messrs. Maguires..but it's a nice pint. The cheapest I've come across is IR£2.40 in Mulligans...but there's a good couple of hundred pubs left that I haven't tried.

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Now, the buttery may have many pints, but as you said, they are the cheapest!

And Duncan, I didn't realise that Messers actually sold pints that cheap!! Usually up nearer 3 quid a go!

As for the rest of Ireland, anywhere outside of Dublin has cheaper pints. It's a rule. Try Killarney and anywhere else down the west coast (Cork, West Cork, Donegal, Clare...) all nice places with nice pints and nice prices. Just be careful that you don't end up in Leitrim or something!!

Heh heh...

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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There's thousands of cheaper pints in the rest of the country - Dublin being a capital city and consequently charging what it damn well feels like. However as far as I can recall the cheapest (Non-subsidised) and drinkable is probably in the Beggars Bush, Haddington Road. It's around the corner from Landsdowne Road Stadium so don't go there on match days, but the pint is I think about £2.10. There is another option and it'll probably offend all the Guinness Laureates out there but try Beamish. It's always sold at 20p cheaper than the pint of Guinness and, to my mind, is a better pint of plain anyway

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

Recently the press has suggested that the government is going to cap the price of a pint as an anti-inflationary measure. Whether this is just chest beating or a real proposal is yet to be seen - but I'd certainly like to see IR£2 a pint. Not to bad when you consider that this is a 100% markup as it stands!

Incidentally, just down the road from the Beggars Bush is Rumms - which, whilst it isn't a cheap pint place does do very good pub grub at the £5 to £10 per main course range.

One thing is sure - I'll leave this town a fair bit fatter than I came to her smiley - smiley

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Eh...Bodkins pub on Bolton St is £2:20 for a pint of black and it is good. And on promo weeks it is only £2:00....woohooo!!!

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Grogan's on South William St serves a pint for £2.30, and it's a damn good pint in a real Dublin pub. They also do great (&cheap) toasted cheese sandwiches.

Quite a few semi-trendy places do happy hours of £2, eg HQ on Middle Abbey St, 5-7pm daily except Fridays, Reynards on Sth Fredrick St, 5-9 daily except Fridays. These places are a little lacking in charm in my opinion, tho'.

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

Every place down this end (Blackrock) is up to £2.50 now. The government has threatened to freeze prices (yeh, right!) and everyone is getting their profits in early.

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Dunno about Dublin anymore, but I just moved over to Germany and it is the BIZ!
Such cheap beer!! Even at the grossly inflated Oktoberfest prices...
Actually, one could argue that the cheapest pint would be out of one of them mini-kegs that you can buy in the offie.
Or a can...
Mmmm...I miss my Dutch Gold...
smiley - tongueout

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Demon Drawer

Hi Moriaty

I notice you are a new researcher. Welcome to the guide. How about adding something to your space so I can pop over and give you a nice warm welcome to the guide from the Irish Assistant Community Edtor. smiley - smiley

To do that click on My Space and when then on Edit page and write anything this will allow others to come a say hi and discuss things with you. And allow me to give you some links and stuff to hlep you get started.

DD smiley - smiley

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Who's a new researcher?!?!?!?

I DO have stuff on my page!!!!

I have been here for AGES...about a year or more...more dammit! Grrr...

Here, the link is http://www.h2g2.com/u49880

The number should show that I have been here a while!

smiley - tongueout

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

Not you - he was refering to http://www.h2g2.com/U156648 who is a bit shy.

Incidentally - back on track, the cheapest pint of Guinness in Dublin is to be had at "Pelican House", of course.

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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cannon fodder

Unless things have dramatically changed, the cheapest pint, and maybe the best, to be found in Dublin is at the Shakespeare. What a place.

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Is mise Duncan

At "Pelican House" a pint of Guinness costs just a pint of blood...although it may not be the best pint in Dublin it is certainly the most welcome smiley - smiley
(Except that I'm not allowed to give blood having had Malaria as a youth)

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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Well, that does depend on what value you set on a pint of your blood!!
smiley - winkeye

It's a good cause people!!

Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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I heard Pelican House stopped giving Guinness for blood. Oh well. I'm planning on giving blood soon anyway.
Anyway, I know I was bitching about Bar 47 in the worst pint in Dublin part, but they do have a happy hour every day, 5:30 to 8:30 when all pints are £2. Probably the only reason why you still find me and my mates there. Also during Euro 2000, it was happy hour up until the end of every match (about 10:30). Long live sporting events!

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Cheapest pint in Dublin?

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