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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

A Black & Tan seems to be a very popular name for a mixture of a dark ale and a lighter and it also seems that the ingredients vary from place to place. In my home town of Sheffield it usually consists of Mackerson's stout and a lighter ale such as a bitter. I've even asked for the drink in the USA and been presented with a mixture of Guiness and beer (thankfully not the native gassy pop either).

Black & Tan

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I'm from the Midwest of the USA (Iowa). Every Black and Tan I've seen served around here is made with Guiness and Bass Ale. Very good combo, although I'm not too thrilled with Bass on it's own-kinda weak tasting. I suppose that could be from the travel time, too.

Boulevard Brewing Co in Kansas City, MO makes a good combo with their Stout and their Wheat beer.

Black & Tan

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The Black & Tan's I'm used to down in Texas can either consist of Guinness and Harp or Guinness and Bass Ale. I like the Bass better than the Harp since Bass is a smoother taste to begin with.

At home, I'm still trying to get it to separate in the glass.

Black & Tan

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I have never heard of a Black & Tan in Ireland (well, not the drink, obviously I've heard of the Black & Tan British force who were sent to Ireland in the 1920s to try and put down the uprisings). I can't imagine it would be popular in Ireland, and I'm surprised that a drink made from Guinness could have a name with such an uncomfortable connotation for an Irish person!! smiley - winkeye

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the tans were a shower of murderers,it's scandalous to have a drink containing guinness named after themsmiley - cat

Black & Tan

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In Dublin the Tan is usualy smithwicks. I've never heard anyone order one, but i only worked in the spawell for a month

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It’s called a Guinness special smiley - stout . The name Black & tan probably comes from those pubs which never heard of a half litre, which is the best way to drink your hangover pint.

Black & Tan

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Yes, in Iowa I've had a black and tan with Guinness and Bass Ale. I've also had one with Guinness and Newcastle Nut Brown Ale, which I prefer. However, I was told by a man I met from Ireland never to order a black and tan there, for the obvious reasons above. He told me to ask for a half and half (sort of sounded like arf an arf when he said it) and I'd receive a black and tan. Sounds good to me.

<...So come out ye black and tans, come out and fight me like a man
tell your wife how you won medals down in Flanders
and how the IRA
made you run like hell away....>

only quoting some lyrics folks. I'm not endorsing violence here.

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