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Eyebrows as disguise

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If you pluck out every eyebrowhair and then paint on new ones, you can can change your expression very effectily
f.ex. If you are a bit sad one day, just paint on the eyebrows in high, surprised-looking arches. Then, nobody will know how you really feel and you soon will start feeling silly instead. smiley - smiley
smiley - fish

Eyebrows as disguise

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(Insanie) Zanie Janie

So did you like my eyebrows thing? I wish more of my stuff hadn't been rejected. Oh, well... I s'pose that one is good!

Eyebrows as disguise

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Nack Nill

I shaved my eyebrows once by accident, please don't ask. That was rather silly,

Eyebrows as disguise

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Orinocco (R51290)

I have to trim mine occasionally otherwise they get out of control and are in danger of being colonised by sparrows etc.

Eyebrows as disguise

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When I was young and f****d up, I shaved mine so nobody would notice they had mixed colors. Yeah, nobody noticed that on highschool ..

Eyebrows as disguise

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My friend told me a story about one of his ex-girlfriends (and you'll see why she's an ex-). One night when they were in bed together, he woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Bored and listless, he began to examine the face of his girlfriend lying next to him. After some romantic stroking of lips and hair, he started to play with her eyebrows, teasing them this way and that, before settling on pushing them together towards the centre of her face with his thumbs.
After this night, whenever he had the opportunity to rearrange his girlfriend's eyebrows while she was asleep, he did so, and this continued for a number of weeks, during which she became convinced with a paranoid fear that they were inexorably growing towards each other and that she would eventually develop a 'monobrow'.
Until one night when she woke up to find my friend's thumbs poised over her eyebrows...

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