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Weaver Fish Stings

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Researcher 206878

These little blighters do not get the attention they so wrongly deserve. My partner stepped on one four weeks ago and, although we doused the wound in vinegar, her foot is still swollen! We discovered later that we should have put her foot into a bucket of very hot water but this is not much help when the damage has been done. Does anyone have any advice for treating the effects of the sting long after the fish has bolted? There seems to be a distinct lack of info on the after effects of these nasty little brutes stings.

Weaver Fish Stings

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Got stung myself two weeks ago by what I now realise is a weaver fish. I'm still in some pain and like yourself didn't treat it at the time. I was wondering if you managed to find out how to deal with it after the puncture wound has healed up and people are just considering you a hypochondriac.

Weaver Fish Stings

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Two weeks in and I too am still walking on the heel of my foot after being stung. The immediate immersing in hot water kindly provided by a life guard in Cornwall doesn't appear to have made any longer term difference.
Grin and bear it, and tell people it was 'that big'!

Weaver Fish Stings

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alan scoltock

please advise what to do following a sting some 4 days later!! Many Thanks

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