A Conversation for 1 August - Yorkshire Day

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Uncle Ghengis

Of course, according to the redrawn boundaries of local government in the UK, in which county would you find York???

Well, it's not in Yorkshire. It's a separately governed city so York is in York (not Yorkshire).

Likewise, whoever heard of the county of 'Barnet'?

It has become entirely rediculous to use local govenrment boundaries as the basis of counties. Menawhile the Post Office insist that they don't need County in an address (in fact it get's in the way, they'd rather we just use Post-Town and Post-Code)

So it's probably far better to return to the old pre-1974 definition of counties whenever we need to (for sporting events and other matters of geographical identity.)

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Interesting. The Barnet I know is a London Borough. Are you suggesting that there used to be a Barnetshire?

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as a lancastrian id suggest the best way is to totally isolate yorkshire from the rest of us......if possible float em off into the north sea........give 'em summat to >.really<< mither about!!!

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Im from yorkshire my self float us of to sea hey still upset that we
1)Can drink any lancastrian under
the table even 3 pint advantage
2)we got better rugby teams in yorkshire
3)we beat lancastrians by and far a long way in the rugby counties game yorkshire v lancashire
4)how many places are steeped in history lancaster

bradford was the wool industry
countless mils

shefield the best steal in the world

what part of england supplyed coal yorkshire

where do you get the best views the peek district yorkshire

Where did mr morrison morrisons p.l.c start out bradford

where is the film/television

magna learning senter yorkshire

peace hall halifax

salts mill sailt air near shiply

where are big buisnesse baised leeds

I am very proud of where i come from yorkshire will be my home where ever i am smiley - smiley

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Uncle Ghengis

No, there was never a 'Barnet-shire' - but that's exactly my point. It has become futile to equate "County" with the areas covered by local government.

Sometimes you see a 'county' box on a form - what should you put in it?
You might be unsure whether to put "Newport", "Gwent" or "Monmouthshire" - which one is right?

"Yorkshire" or "Warwickshire" or "Pembrokeshire" all mean something to people, whereas "Rhondda-Cynon-Taff" is an absurd name for a county.

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It's not just local government; the Queen thought it was a good idea to make her annoying youngest son Earl of a county that doesn't exist.

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Bradford was almost burned down when england was ivaded but the head guy had a dream to leave brad-ford alone

So they stoped one night in lister mill that was probably a field at that time next day left
went to leeds and ram raided it burned every thing to the ground

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OOOOOOOO, struck a nerve there didnt I? It were too easy...LOL.....only joking; smiley - winkeye)

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Not at all matesmiley - biggrin

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