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Half-empty vs Half-full

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Patches (God of nothing worth being a God of) Ps: 24-4+13+0+9=42!!!!!

The optimist vs The pessimist?

Nope. Not in MY opinion.

I'll tell you WHY: when one is looking at a glass that has half it's contents removed, it is then half empty. When the glass is filled only to the halfway mark (/point), then it is half-full.

Therefore, the glass that one looks at has a history that may contradict the statement that one makes concerning said glass, and by deduction, no statements should be made.

Half-empty vs Half-full

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RFJS__ - trying to write an unreadable book, finding proofreading tricky

Or perhaps what you've described is 'half-emptied' versus 'half-filled'.

Half-empty vs Half-full

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Patches (God of nothing worth being a God of) Ps: 24-4+13+0+9=42!!!!!

Matter of opinion (which i tend to agree with, but that's not the point).

Just for the sake of arguing, I'll state categorically, that it can be looked at in that way, but to the everyman, it'll seem correct. stop pointing out the flaws in my quest to rule the world (or do u wnat in?)!!!

Half-empty vs Half-full

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It's not whether it's half full, or half empty.

It's whose bloody round it is and how soon are you getting them in, I'm bloody gasping here. And ask if they do food. A nice basket of chips with scampi would go down right nice as it goes. And a Jack Daniels. Nah, screw the ice. That's just polluting a perfectly good drink.
And when do they turn the jukebox up, it's way too quiet.

smiley - winkeye

of course!

This is the flying party.

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Patches (God of nothing worth being a God of) Ps: 24-4+13+0+9=42!!!!!

This is a private function that u r more than welcome to gate-crash, provided u know how to fly, and u brought a bottle of something with u.

The jack's in the bottle, cos we played a game about three years ago that involved bombing the establishments that wouldn't supply us, with our glasses. Suffice to say, we ran out of glasses. Please feel free to take a couple o' swigs & pass it on.

As u may have guessed, we finallly found a way to get off the planet we were flying around (no help was received from them, due to our supposed depletion of their resources). Some boffin discovered that since the party was flying on it's own, & (according to the insert on flying in this very guide) not much thought goes into controlling said flight (none whatsoever, actually) the flight took itself out into space. Therefore, we find ourselves circling what looks like Jupiter (except it's green).

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This is the flying party.

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Patches (God of nothing worth being a God of) Ps: 24-4+13+0+9=42!!!!!

By the way, have u got a coin of any currency to put in the jukebox? there's this song by 'the police' that i've been wanting to hear since i arrived (Roxanne), but every time i try to choose it, i get bumped out of the way. maybe they'll fear you more?

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