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Cheerful Dragon

Two of my personal favourites make the top five, and a third gets an 'honourable mention'.

For 'getting into the Christmas spirit', I like the musical. As the author says, the cast have a whale of a time. Alec Guinness stands out for this, hamming it up to his heart's content. He became famous on screen in the Ealing comedies and I wonder if comedy was always close to his heart, even though he was better known for dramatic roles late in life. The one thing that grates is Tiny Tim's song at Christmas lunch - something I always fast forward over.

For staying close to the book, I like the George C. Scott version. Too often Scrooge's miserliness runs to him wearing old and scruffy clothes. In this film, Scrooge is dressed in plain clothes of good quality; they last better and present a better impression when doing business - so he can make more money. The attention to the poor is another important point, all too often glossed over in other films.

For a bit of fun and nonsense, I like the Muppet version. The author doesn't like the Marley brothers, but they're not in it much. This is Michael Caine's film and he does it well. There's one bit with the Ghost of Christmas Present where Scrooge is trying to get into the spirit of things, but doesn't quite know how. The look of mingled sadness and (almost) incomprehension on Caine's face almost moved me to tears - my heart went out to Scrooge.

Well, that's my smiley - 2cents on this subject. Nice to know that somebody out there agrees with my feelings on these films.

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Yes - the muppets version !!!
How does that song went btw?!!
smiley - ermsmiley - whistlesmiley - musicalnote


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Jimi X

I like that 1970 version too.

Lots of memorable songs in it that keep me humming during the X-mas season...

I simply love 'I Like Life'. smiley - laugh

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The George C Scott version is the quintessential version for me.Showed what life could have been like in the 19th century.Frank Finlay as Jacob Marleys ghost almost made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

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