Matrix Mage Welcomes You

Uhhh, well I am then Matrix Mage (in a roundabout way... long story ... name originated long before the movie... well you just have to trust me on that...) My name used to be rechearcher U91228... Which was kinda fun in the beginning... While it lasted... But... Well I't got quite old... Fast...

Lasted perhaps 60 sec... If that.

What can one say about oneself... that hasn't been said before... about someone else... somewhere else... And furthermore... Is one's lot in life... or right... or obligation... to say anything at all... or not... I'm not sure... If you are... sure... e.g. think you have the answer to the question... about ones lot in life... that is... feel free to contact me and tell me your answer...


...please be clear and to the point...

like me...

The List To End All Lists

Things that generally make me happy

  • Tom Waits
  • Books
  • John Sayles
  • Archery
  • Movies
  • The Arctic
  • BEEF: n. 1 the flesh of the ox, cow or bull, used as food. 2 goes well with => BEER
  • BEER: n. 1 an alcaholic drink brewed from fermented malt, hops, water and sugar. 2 Any malt liquor prepared by brewing, including ale and porter. 3 goes well with =>BEEF
  • Pizza (Pizza is like sex: even if it's not that special. It's still pretty good)
  • Computers/Internet/HI TEC things
  • My Laptop
  • Photography
  • Climbing mountains
  • Hunting
  • Anthropology (student)
  • Mythology (arctic in particular)
  • GuideML

Stuff I Couldn't Care Less About

  • Folks (girls in particular) that take prinsess Di's death as a personal loss
  • Baseball
  • Bread Soup
  • Mimes
  • Politics

Hate It (the title says it all)

  • Soyja Meat
  • Biggot's (not so mutch hate as general intolerance)
  • Neo Natzis (little ones in particular)
  • Skítamórall (Be afraid... Be very afraid)

Yup... that sums it upp!!!

Matrix Mates

My brothers in arms (words?)... Men who do not call everything they'r mothers mother or they'r fathers mother (like everything else Icelandic it loses a little bit in the translation)

Ambrose "Tosser" Berkins

Constantly battling "the-one-eyed-monster"... And fending off verbal insults from the Mage... Is under the the protecting wing (I am sure Icelandic and English have diffrent authors) of Thunderguts Say somthing nice to him (I'm sure as hell not going to) Tosser


Around him noboddy laughs when his name is utterd in terror (except the truly insane and/or suicidal). But all in all nice enough fellow. Thunderguts


He's a man after his own taste... Let him itroduce him self... A legened in his own mind.... Say hi to this one... Oh he's my friend. Maggot

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