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Pulp Fiction

I am watching Pulp Fiction
Maybe not the best movie I've ever seen but dami't. It's one if the coolest movie I've ever seen. The cool vibe just kills me. The attitude the dialog it's just too much... I'm going to a party tonight and the movie is a perfect opening to a great night on the town. Then it's the soundtrack to Dusk Till Dawn: Dark Night and After Dark and one is set for the night.

"Ok hard drinkers, let's drink hard"

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Just vanted to document my latest visit, to Tossers homepage. The time is now 00:07. I visitied his homepage tonight with his consent.
Matrix Mage has struck.... Muuaahhhhhh...

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Chapter I (MY LIFE)

I found out abour just a few days ago. Another researcher: Ambrose "Tosser" Berkins, pointed me the way. Please visit his homepage and say something nice to him... about his homepage that is... I'f you want to congatulate him on his less than to be desired character then leave me out of it... smiley - fish

Matrix Mage smiley - fish

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